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  1. Mine: Bags: Ona Prince Street (below), Billingham Hadley Small (not in pics) Straps: Artisan & Artist silk cord strap (below), Lance Strap (not in pics) Half leather case: Gariz Soft shutter release: Lensmate Thumb grip: Lensmate
  2. Just curious why you chose 35/2 instead of 35/1.4?
  3. I am using GGS tempered glass for my X-E2 and Sony RX100. Much better than those plastic types which got scratched very easily.
  4. A few snaps of the charming and eclectic city of Havana:
  5. A few snaps of Moroccan Sahara Desert:
  6. I currently have 2 bags: In town walk around: Billingham Hadley Small: 1 body + 2 lenses Fuji Lineup 2 by Nick, on Flickr Travelling overseas: Normal vintage canvas messenger bag, plus camera inserts: 1 body + 3 lenses Man's stuff 6 by Nick, on Flickr And i am buying Ona Prince Street in smoke canvas next!! Just because that bag is so damn sexy!
  7. I'll take 16 + 35, just because of the F1.4 on 16mm makes it a very versatile lens
  8. I had used many legacy lenses: leica, zeiss, voigtlander, minolta rokkors, on mirrorless bodies like NEX, OMD, Fuji. Although they look vintage and cool, and manual focus was fun for a while. But when the novelties wear off, i went back to getting nice Fuji primes, can't beat the convenience of AF in the end
  9. Ever since I tested the 16mm f1.4, my perfect combo switched from 14 f2.8 / 35 f1.4 / 56 f1.2 to : 16 f1.4 / 35 f1.4 / 56 f1.2 Such a flexible lineup, and a low light beasts. Tradeoff is the size of 16mm vs 14mm, but worth it.
  10. Seems like most of you are going to get the new 16mm. Is it really that good? You guys are killing me, thought i would do ok with 14/35/56, but now i am really contemplating to switch the 14 with 16mm. Anybody has size comparison between 14 / 16 mm? In picture i mean, not dimensional numbers.
  11. I am actually in the same boat with regards to wide end. Currently on 14 / 35 / 56, but may replace the 14 with 16mm. Samples online look really good!
  12. Like what everybody else is saying... I would rather they expand the line for slower but smaller lenses like 35/2, for example 23/2, 56/1.8, etc. Not that i would buy them personally, but i am sure many others would. Or even a 35/1.4 Mark II with improved focusing mechanism would be welcome.
  13. From all the excellent Fuji Primes, if you can only carry 3 in your bag, which are they? Pick 3 from choices below: 14, 16, 18, 23, 27, 35, 56, 60, 90mm Mine is 14 / 35 / 56.
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