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  1. Anyone knows when it will come out? If ever?
  2. Will it be only TTL? Or will you also have HSS?
  3. Anyone knows about a flash cord that will work with TTL on an EF-X500 flash?
  4. I am sorry for my very late update in this thread. I did get the 35mm WR!! BTW i have now the almost full Fuji lens lineup.. I have; 23mm, 35mm WR, 56mm, 50-140mm, 100-400mm WR & TC 1,4x WR I did get rid of my Nikon gear, so now i'm a Fuji shooter..
  5. Yepp.. have the same problem here. I run a Mac with El Capitan..
  6. I did buy the 35mm f/2 lens.. what a fantastic piece of glass..! Just.. WoW..
  7. OIS on the 50-140mm is just fantastic, here's handheld shoot i took last night: Exif: f/3.6 :: 1.1 sec :: 140mm :: ISO 400 This is a picture of a picture hanging on my wall, the distance is about 180cm, i'm standing and it' handheld! I love the Fujisystem!
  8. When i set my lens to manual focus, can i still lock focus with my shutter dial on the camera.. When i set the camera to manual ISO, shutter speed & manual fuocus on my lens.. still will the camera be able to focus when i use the shutter dial & the camera uses automatic EV to compensate for shadows & highlights in my frame..! When i set my camera to manual mode i want it to be dead. I decide all of the settings, not the camera! I've read the camera manual i and i can't figure it out!! How to fix this issue? Anyone??
  9. Thanks for the replies. I know the difference between the 23mm vs the 35mm. And if i look at the price point on the 23mm it's more costly than the 35mm f2, and i guess that the 23mm is better optically than 35mm f2. But i feel that i need the WR on the 35mm! I live in the western parts of Norway.. well.. it's raining daily and heavily here.. I want to shoot in the rain without me having to worry about the lens or the camera is damaged by the rain.. That's why I want to switch to 35mm WR..
  10. Hi there! I have the 23mm f/1.4 today. But i'm thinking of swaping it out for the new 35mm f/2. Can anyone help me out here? Pro & cons?
  11. Hi there! I'm proud owner of a Fujifilm X-T1 and the 23mm 1.4R, 56 1.2R & the 50-140mm 2.8. I really luv this camera and the lenses, i started my Fuji journey with a X100 then X100s and last the X-T1. Any questions, feel free to ask!
  12. X-T1 :: Fujinon 1.2R @ 1.2 :: ISO 200 :: 1/420
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