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  1. I’m not sure I get any sense of intent just a description of how it works. On the basis that the X-T3, the X-Pro3, the X-100V (and probably others) have it whether by design or by upgrade it seems like an omission. Otherwise what’s the point of naming them? > ”Banks can be renamed using EDIT CUSTOM NAME.”
  2. On the X-T3 if you had a custom name for a specific film simulation (such as 'Chrome: Eggleston') it would appear in the Q menu. I can't remember if this was given to us in a firmware update. I'm now trying to make the same appear on the X-T4, but at the moment it just says SELECT CUSTOM SETTING. If anyone knows the secret, please let me know :)
  3. The converter simply converts to DNG with the Raw demosaicing. If you go into Lightroom, import the converted DNGs then you can apply the Velvia profile.
  4. Had an X-T1, then had an X-Pro2, but the clicking from the OVF/EVF got on my nerves, much happier now with the X-T2. It is just more my sort of camera, even though I rarely need improvements like the autofocus.
  5. $130 is the sort of price I was trying to avoid when I started the thread. I had a Chinese CNC machined L-bracket plus grip for my X-T1 (and bought a similar one for my son's X-T10) The quality of both is excellent and I have probably spent $50 (in GBP) on both of them. Maybe now the RRS grip is out the CNC machines will be firing up! :-O
  6. EVF, find the OVF a bit annoying for landscape, but that is only to be expected.
  7. I've not seen the need to go expensive with these as the third party ones I've tried are pretty good, but they would be second on the list after the Fuji one I guess
  8. Hiya - has anyone found a 3rd party L-Bracket (Arca Swiss) for the X-Pro 2. The Fuji one is £99 which is going to be 3-8x more expensive than the CNC machines of China, and so long as it fits well and is properly machined for the slots then it seems more sensible to go 3rd party.
  9. I have the Rokkor 50mm f1/4 - works fine, don't have a problem with the focus reach. I use a fairly basic adaptor. Could the one you have be the wrong size and so isn't giving full reach? Maybe the lens needs a service?
  10. How do you set up Multiple Exposures? Are there any indications if they are JPEG only? Can you take more than 2 images? Merci!
  11. Not having used Fujifilm Acros before I looked it up on the website "<snip> features the world's highest standard in grain quality among ISO 100 films." ​Yet the camera is 200 ISO at base level
  12. Has anyone tried putting the Detail slider high (70-100%) it has helped a lot of the images I have processed.
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