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  1. Its about quality. No point talking about it over and over ..Fuji IS NOT built with quality at first place.. Rubber, elestric connectors (grip-body) paint , plastic doors ...coming from NIkon its disappointing.
  2. Its a shame... coming from Nikon 700 I was really shocked how plastic.. feel metal Fuji. Doors, rubber, lens connection etc - its not a pro-tool as advertised. Not mentioning problems with a battery/grip connection - which Fuji didnt and dont want to recognize worldwide. Not good.
  3. There is no help - you may give it back to fuji and they 1- replace it 2 - wont recognize a problem. Either way - 1: live with equipment that may be faulty anyway. 2: Same. Fuji IS NOT a high quality durable camera - as advertised.
  4. The biggest problem is not shooting with remote/timer. Its this program saving to different - sometimes hidden locations..
  5. After couple of years of using Fujifilm - and having troubles with connection to my Android phone plenty of times, after seeing Camera Remote being slow - all of which I can live with (thou its hard) - this app started putting files to different locations. Took me a long while to find a specific file... Folders name given by program: Camera Remote Photo receiver. Ok - I can handle 2. Bot now - it puts files to strange locations: /storage/sdcard1/Android/data/com.fujifilm_dsc.app.remoteshooter/files/fujifilm At first I thought these pisc were missing and the app was broken or maybe my sd.. Now Im sure the quality of this app is far far beyond any expectations. Any comments/ solutions? regards.
  6. sorry to say - but this is not a fix - its a walk around the problem. Fuji sucks.
  7. Not sure if it helps - but I just realized - I've never detached my grip from XT2. Always use only 2 batts. Which I guess means - its not the case with contasts between body/grip. What happens is I put the plastic tray with charged batts to the grip - they reed: empty stright away - so I take them out and in - and it works. So for me - it would rather mean - the contacts inside the grip. Fuji - as I predicted - didnt find any issue with it. (apart from this - the camera freezes on ocasions, quite rarely. i guess I have to live with that, but Id never suggest anyone to buy xt1/xt2 for serious work. I do use it for serious travel - and I learned how to live with its flows. Id still use Nikon d700 - which was the Machine!!... except too heavy with lenses)
  8. bugs in firmware 4.00. will wait.
  9. Looks terribl - and is quite common with this type of pictures. I do not know how to avoid it - aother than wait for another camerra to arrive. - Sometimes I add blur which helps a little - bot im not sattisfied. Your best bet is to shoot RAF and try to nail it, or use bracketing - Thats what I do - but even so - sometimes u cant avoid it: ie it depends on what type of monitor you display your images.
  10. Im not a native english speaker. Sorry - I meant: league.
  11. Well - as I said - I did. But id didnt work. 99perc oof my day to day usage - it works ok. Its just disappointing. Definitely not pro-Nikon liege .
  12. Hi. Have not posted in this thread for a while. I returned my camera on a warranty for check-up. Unfortunatelly - they didn't find any problems - which means - I still have to follow my routine - and occasionally turn the camera on couple of times after switching batteries. Lately - camera stopped responding at all - had to take off batteries to restart. Thank you for your comments.
  13. same problems. all genuine - incl batts. Fuji says no problemo
  14. have exactly the same issue. Fuji denied to fix it. they say - no issue.
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