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  1. Hi, Have you tried to reset wireless setting?
  2. Try another SD card of a Fuji recommended brand and type.
  3. Hi F, welcome to the forum. Good news first: the fanlike noise you hear is the IBIS, when disabled the system is still engaged to keep the sensor fixed on the right place. No worries about this. The warming in photo mode should not happen, I would send the camera back to get a replacement. Hope this helps. Henk
  4. Suppose you photograph with your E4 with your favorite film simulation that you have adjusted a bit to increase contrast, adjusted white balance and exposure compensation etcetera and saved this in a custom setting. Then you decide to try out the film simulation bracketing while the Custom setting is active. The strange thing is that the IQ values you have set for your custom setting now apply to all three film simulations of the bracket. This can give you very strange results. Example: You have set the simulation of Kodak T-max 400 film from the Fuji X Weekly app with, among other things, white balance Daylight, +9 red, -9 blue and Monochrome + red filter. Then you shoot a series with Provia(Std), Velvia and Astia(Soft) in bracket mode and you get Std, V and S with white balance values of the custom setting and thus photos with a heavy orange/red color cast that matches the color negatives of the past. So if you want to make a series with different film simulations with the bracket setting and be able to compare, you have to set all those values in the IQ menu to 0. It would make more sense if Fuji had made it possible to choose the Custom settings in the Film Simulation bracketing as well. Maybe a next firmware update? Henk
  5. You're welcome Steve. Today Fuji published a new firmware update (1.40) for the T4, alas it does not have the changes we are looking for. Like you I will trade the T4 for a T5 if it has the same configurability (or better) as the E4. Meanwhile have fun shooting both T4 and E4! Henk
  6. @snachlasSorry Steve, I misread your question and thought you were asking about the E4. Yes I have both E4 and T4 and you are correct that the T4 is different and the custom setting does not show on the screen. The custom settings of the T4 are crippled like on most of the Fuji models. Someone at Fuji woke up when designing the firmware for the S10 and followed up for the E4. It would be wonderful if Fuji could rewrite a part of the firmware for the T4 to match the E4. Henk
  7. Steve: Menu Spanner, Screen set-up, display custom setting, shooting mode. The custom profile is shown bottom left of the screen, left side of the exposure (PASM) mode. I have custom settings C1: base settings, C2: Face detection, C3: HDR bracket, C4: Manual Focus for when I use my legacy lenses, C5: Kodak T-max 400 simulation, C6: Polaroid simulation, C7: HP5+ simulation. C1-4 are with Pro Neg. std. simulation. Henk
  8. My guess is that the IBIS or OIS does not like high shutterspeeds, but why do you want to use image stabilization with the 10-24 when also at high shutterspeeds? As far as I know IS does (or should do) nothing when shooting at high shutterspeeds. Henk
  9. @snachlas I also come from micro4/3, Olympus and Panasonic. The limited configurability of custom settings of the Fuji cameras was disappointing for me as well, I have the X-T4, X-T30 and later added the X-E4 with the 27mm pancake lens. It was a nice surprise that the E4 is much better configurable for custom settings than the previous models. I also hope for a firmware update to add this to the T4. If you like to shoot with legacy lenses you can fill every custom mode with six different lenses! Have fun iwith your new cameras. Henk
  10. X-T4 has a better screen, better EVF, same sensor and processor, a bigger battery so why is S-S10 better other than simpler configurability?
  11. Why do people not bring the camera back to the seller claiming the warranty instead of running to a forum, create an account and post their issue with the camera? If one of my cameras would break within the warranty period I would immediately bring / send it for exchange or repair.
  12. STORING is not an error message, it means the camera is writing the contents of it's buffer to the memory card. If it is a very fast card it will take less time than with a cheap not so fast memory card. Check the Fuji website for recommended brands and types. P.S. STORING in Dutch language means malfunction or failure so when I saw this message for the first time I thought WTF, camera broken? Then I realized the camera menu is in the english language.
  13. mrPeter

    Lens noise

    It is the IBIS system that is in a parked position. Switching off means putting the system in a parked position which is an activity that also generates a little noise. All cameras of all brands with IBIS do that. Nothing to worry about. Happy shooting. Henk
  14. Hi Peter, welcome to the forum. Why not first try the latest update of Affinity as it does not cost you any money? If it does not work as you would want it to you can switch to CaptureOne pro. If you do panoramas and/or focus stacking You should keep Affinity as CaptureOne does not do these tricks. I use CaptureOne pro and Affinity Photo for the same reason. Henk
  15. How can you "update" a current version of the firmware?
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