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  1. I'm going to grab a USB-C hub and try to see if I can do the transfer with my phone.
  2. Has anyone tried plugging the X-T3 directly into a smartphone via USB C cable? Trying to see if I can transfer files from the SD cards in camera to a external hard drive with my phone via a USB-C hub. Actually, has anyone tried to plug a hard drive into the camera to see what happens? Speaking of which, does the USB-C port support Power Delivery? Has anyone tried with a PD power bank or charger to see if the batteries charge quicker?
  3. Took my bag out on a 15km hike up a mountain on the weekend and it was as comfortable as it could be. A good hip belt makes all the difference. F-Stop stuff is excellent for this purpose. My only complaint is that it's less comfortable with a hydration bladder in the back so I opted for a water bottle instead...for which there isn't really a good place to put it. If anyone has money to burn, though, here's another promising looking outdoor bag: https://www.shimodadesigns.com/
  4. Oh good god look at how beautiful this thing is...
  5. More a comment that most Fujifilm shooters aren't sport or bird photographers spending that kind of bread on a long telephoto...not to mention what is probably a weight distribution issue with smaller Fujifilm bodies. It's more that a 200mm F2 at $6k is a very, very small niche when it comes to Fujifilm shooters. Probably proportionally a way smaller share than 200mm F2 customers using Nikon or Canon. But to your point both Nikon and Canon make 200mm F2 lenses with image stabilization that come in under $6k (~$5500?). Those are both full frame lenses while this is APS-C so...yeah, it still feels a little more expensive than it should be. If you want to argue that the 200mm on Fuji is actually more like a 300mm on full-frame? Fine...but those are still $6k.
  6. Well look what I found: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/722274067/gospace-expandable-5g-wireless-storage-and-streami/description
  7. LOL $6k? Really? They really don't know their market if they're launching a crazy fixed telephoto with an insane price like that.
  8. X-E3, 10-24, 35, 55-200. I find Rome at night is fantastic. Fewer people x Long Exposures make for some surreal views. Don't eat at places with English menus. They're almost always touristy crap. Bring your phone, Google Translate (whatever the AR app is) works great and you'll at least be able to get a general idea of what you're ordering. Or you can do what I do, pick the busy restaurants (empty restaurants is never a good sign) and ask them to make you whatever the specialty of the house is.
  9. Came across these: https://compagnon-bags.com/en/shop Expensive but they looks well made and comfortable. Looks like they're made in collaboration with Deuter.
  10. Blue hour in Vancouver on the weekend
  11. Depends on how much X-T2 stock they have still. They didn't lower the price on the X-H1 until like...9 months ago and then they were all gone. Sent from my LG-H873 using Tapatalk
  12. I work at a camera store and I was just looking at the Photo Sport 200. I'd probably go with the 300 size. It isn't noticibly bigger or heavier when you're wearing it and it's got more usable space. The 200 is maybe a bit too small. Sent from my LG-H873 using Tapatalk
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