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  1. Can anyone pls confirm me the X30 Lensmate thumbrest will fit on my X-E2? Looking closely to pictures it seems so, with the sculpted X30 thumbrest allowing access to both the shutter speed dial and the Q button on the X-E2, but before blind ordering I would like to be more sure about the compatibility. As odd as it is, Lensmate discontinued the X-E2 model, now that Fujifilm presented the new X-E2s and, even more strange, I sent an e-mail to their customer service asking for details but with no answer. Thanks for your advice, ciao R
  2. I ordered my Samyang 12 mm f 2 last week and I'm waiting for it any day now. Can't wait to try it, even more so after seeing your beautiful pictures!! Ciaooo, R
  3. I ordered my Samyang 12 mm f 2 last week and I'm waiting for it any day now. When I shot 35 mm I used to have, and have a lot of fun with, a Nikkor 20 mm, so when I decided to buy a new lens for my X-E2, I actually looked at the 8 mm fisheye as well, but my decision toward the 12 mm f 2 was almost immediate: as far as I'm concerned, more versatility, more ease of use for an amateur photographer as I am, in the end, more fun... I'll let you know my impressions on the field after it arrives and I start using it! Ciaooo, R
  4. I certainly agree on a Buy&Sell section of the Forum! The world is getting smaller, and it's obvious there will be communiites or customers groups where anyone belongs to and will be easily able to buy or sell photo items: Europe, North America, Australia... Ciaooo, R
  5. Hello everyone!! After many years my Nikon gear was sitting in a closet, I recently got back to photography, an old favorite hobby of mine, as I "discovered" mirrorless cameras and Fujifilm system. I sold all my Nikon system and I started enjoying taking pictures again with a shiny Fujifilm X-E2 and two Fujifilm zoom lenses. Ciaooo, R
  6. I'm pretty happy with my new Tamrac Apache 4 camera bag as it really is a great walk around bag! The Tamrac Apache 4 is an excellent all-round bag for both casual photo walks in the streets and trekking or light outdoor hiking! It is light yet very capable, rugged and stylish for a business meeting and can hold all my mirrorless gear (X-E2 with 16-55 and 55-200 plus bits and pieces) with ease and security. It has the good feature of the silent closure velcro, very good padding, two nice side pockets and the zippered front pocket for all your bits and pieces. The inner pocket easily holds a 10 inch tablet. The outer sailcloth seems durable and reasonably waterproof, though not fit for the heaviest downpours, but gives the bag an inconspicuous low-profile look, all you need in a crowded city street. The only drawback I can think of is a missing extra small rain cover for extra shelter! Price-wise, I think it is really excellent for the money. Overall a great bag, absolutely in the Tamrac tradition. Super recommended! Ciaooo, R
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