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  1. I am considering purchasing an X-E3. My research shows a number of people complaining about the eyecup on the EVF, especially if they were glasses. IS this really a big issue and, if so, is there any workarounds. I did see an aftermarket #D-printed(?) piece for X-E1 through X-E2s that might work on an X-E3 but I am not sure.[1] Any other ideas? [1] https://www.shapeways.com/product/VK9SPXD69/eyecup-adapter-for-x-e1-x-e2-x-e2s-v2?optionId=62042310&li=marketplace
  2. Has anyone come across a good comparison of IQ for photos (particularly RAW photos) between the X-A5 (with it's Bayer sensor) vs. Fujifilm cameras such as the X-E3 & X-T20 with the X-Trans sensors? More detail about why I am asking: I am looking to get another camera. I know (at least outside of Asia) the X-A series doesn't get as much love because it is more of an entry level "selfie" build. However, I've been very happy with my X-A3 and I am looking for another Fujifilm camera and will keep the X-A3 as a spare. I am leaning towards an X-E3 but while I've heard bad things about the video on the X-A5 (and I know about the other "spec sheet"/feature differences), I've seen some good reviews about it's ability to take photographs and even an unsupported claims that for stills it would be better (I think that was someone that just really liked Bayer vs. X-Trans and not someone with any experience with the camera so I take that with less than a grain of salt). I'm not worried about video quality because I don't take video. Incidentally, I don't think the EVF of the X-E3 (or the viewfinder on the X-T20) is all that important to me. While I'll understand why people want a view finder, I don't miss it on my X-A3 and I've always had issues with my eyes seeing well with viewfinders (or telescopes, etc.) with cameras going back to my film days; therefore seeing the image on the screen works well for me. I guess what I am ultimately asking is what justifies the extra cost of an X-E3 or X-T20 over an X-A5 for a hobbyist that takes mostly landscapes and travel photos. FWIW: I used to do a lot of film photography and stopped doing much photography at all when digital cameras started out. I bought the X-A3 to see if I would actually do it enough to justify buying a more expensive camera planning on getting a more "pro" camera latter if I did (and using the X-A3 as a backup). I've been quite happy with the X-A3.
  3. This doesn't fix what you want but what I do is take a picture of the inside of my hat or hand or something else that is completely different just before and after a bracket or anytime else I want a set of photos to standout. I often do this when change locations where the scenery may still be similar (i.e. different points along the California coast).
  4. I am looking for a backpack for day hikes that can hold my Fuji camera and a couple of lenses and a tripod. I also want space for my jacket, first aid kit, snacks, water, etc. I also don't really want to spend more then $100-$150. The Lowepro Photo Sport BP AW II look promising (in ether 200 or 300 size) but I am not sure how well they would hold a tripod without seeing one in person (local camera shop doesn't have any). It has trekking pole holders but I am not sure how sturdy they are for a tripod. Does anyone have experience with this bag? Any other recommendations?
  5. I like what I see with this but I am not sure if it is enough of an upgrade from my X-A3 to buy even though I want a second camera body. I am not in a hurry so I will wait for the reviews. It will be interesting to see how the new 24.2MP APS-C sensor in the A5 compares "in the field" to the 24.3MP X-Trans sensor in the X-E3.
  6. I think this would be a good lens to have, but I am not sure it will be a big enough difference compared to the xc16-50 I already own. If the price is right and the early adapters give it good reviews, I might consider it.
  7. The 7artisans 35mmF1.2 (at ~$145) sounds interesting. I am looking forward to reading some reviews.
  8. I am new to Fuji-X and non $100 point-and-click digital photography in general. I really haven't done much photography since I stopped using my old Canon AE-1 about 20 years ago. I started with the X-A3 which doesn't get as much attention on these and other forums, but it is serving my needs. I felt it was a good choice for me to start with because I wasn't sure how much photography I'd do and the price point was good. So far I really like it and at some point I'll likely upgrade my body and keep my X-A3 body as a spare if I continue to progress with my photography. I mostly have been taking photo of landscapes but really I've been dabbling in a little of everything trying to figure out what I like and to learn more about the camera.
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