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  1. I'm tempted to get the 14mm but my wallet still says get the 12mm Samyang and my head says get the zoom...
  2. you're probably right about the IQ and AF speed, but for me the 18-55 already the limit in size and weight for a mirrorless camera for me. The large weight and size of the 16-55 really puts me off and that's why I prefer the 18-55 to it. But to get back on topic. There is a video on fujirumors with a test of the f1.4 with fw 4. Looks snappy enough for me!
  3. I saw a video with billy from the fujiguys and stated that the lens isn't officially announced. But imo it would be a dumb move to leave out WR. I'd rather prefer my 35mmf1.4. Af speed is adequate for me and the 1.4 is already quite small. I would buy the 35mm f2 for its WR as an ultimate carry around lens for when the conditions are a bit rough.
  4. After almost buying the Samyang/rokinon i suddenly changed my mind. I own the 8mm fisheye for when I want to fool around, but didn't like the build that much. If I'm gonna invest in a new lens I have to be 100% sure I won't regret it. Now I'm torn between the fujinon xf14 and xf16. When I get the chance I'll definitely try them side by side. But if you guys could only choose 1 ultra wide... Which would it be?
  5. I agree for the most part. If it proves that the iq is as good as a "real" summilux it isn't as expensive most people think. Considering the announced 28mm summilux (albeit f1.4 instead of f1.7) is € 4000-5000. That is a lens without AF and without a FF camera attached! I think this camera is a steal. If I was invested in a Leica system I'd probably get the Q (second body) instead of the 28 f1.4 summilux. I also prefer the x100 to the xf 23mm f1.4 lens. But in this situation the camera is more expensive then the lens.
  6. I have a wrist strap, which I used on my x-e1 (which I sold). I haven't given it any use since getting a Luigi case and strap for my x100s. The leather of the Luigi strap is far superior to the Gordy though.
  7. My think tank mirrorless mover 20 is small and carries my xt1 with lens, x100s and 1 lens (or 2 lenses). Lenspen, spare batteries, sd cards, ef-20, iPad 4, rain cover, with room for more accessories. Their available in heathered grey now, which I like more then my original one. I also have a Hadley small. Which carries about the same but is a little bulkier and also misses a handle on the lid.
  8. This definitely will be a must have lens for every xshooter! A weather resistant 50mm equivalent is what I was waiting for. I also like the new design and I hope it's the first of many new "smaller" lenses. I only wish it had the push/pull focusring with distance markings. Seeing the foto isn't the final design I'm still hoping....
  9. I considered the touit. But seeing how cheap the Samyang/Rokinon is, the reviews, the fact that they're the same focal length and the cheaper one a full stop faster it's a no brainer between these 2.
  10. one important thing , you didn't mention, to consider is the size and weight. The f2.8 zoom lenses are huge compared to the primes. The 35mm f2 WR is going to be even smaller then the classic 35mm f1.4. If its only about light gathering f2 is still a full stop faster then f2.8. If it's about dof the 35mm f1.4 stopped down to f2 will still give you nice bokeh. Don't underestimate an f2 lens. It's plenty fast and still has nice thin dof. Remember that the x100 series is "only" f2. Personally I don't think the 16-55mm f2.8 isn't worth it because: - no ois - no internal zoom - large and heavy - get the cheaper and smaller 18-55 with ois http://admiringlight.com/blog/fuji-16-55mm-f2-8-vs-18-55mm-f2-8-4/ And if you want fast and thin dof get the 56mm f1.2 instead.
  11. You could wait for the 35mm f2 WR. And then make the choice. It's gonna be smaller, faster focusing and weather resistant. You already own the 56 for shallow df anyways... So I recommend waiting for the f2 version. That said...as long as I shoot Fuji il never sell my 35mm f1.4 its a absolute gem!
  12. never shot ultrawide before... So I'll probably need to figure that out for myself.
  13. too bad Fuji can't update that with a FW upgrade on their existing lenses.
  14. Very nice indeed! Wish I had more money to burn. Leica is playing catchup and learned especially from the panny lx100. The macro ring looks really cool. I love how the lens has a focus tab, mechanical MF AND AF. When will Fuji finally ditch focus by wire?
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