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  1. Wait.... In the history of forums anywhere. Has anyone ever had a post #1 established as a sticky ? j.
  2. Like you, I'm not into PS Manipulations either. That said, you've really got something there. Against my own better judgement, I like it :-) nicely done. j.
  3. yup. I'd keep the 35. ditch everything else, and add a 23 and the 56. job done. Over and out.
  4. Under the bridge by Josh, on Flickr
  5. # 4 FTW. Beautifully captured. j.
  6. Just shot this with my Pro1 a few minutes ago. Damn I love this camera DSCF5331 by Josh, on Flickr
  7. The fact is; I'm a Josh, but I'm on my way to becoming an Antony. I can see this in my future.... j
  8. I think the 23 / 35 / 56 is how I'll end up. I know they're close. and I know many would say drop the 35, but I can't. Mine has magic in it..
  9. 35mm f1.0. I absolutely ADORE my 35mm f1.4, but I've got $1200-$1500 any day of the week for a world-class f1.0 version, which you just have to think Fujinon could do if they really wanted to. If I squeeze my eyes closed really really tight, I can see my X-Pro2 35mm f1.0 combo. j.
  10. I'll let you know the moment I use it. 3 fuji bodies currently. Never shot a second of video with any of them.. I have a wife with an iPhone .
  11. That's quite a bit more "hand made" than I would have thought actually... j.
  12. I'd agree. X100T for the win in this case.
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