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    black and white (open thread)

    Though the window in Sanyang, The Gambia. Fujifilm X-T3 & Fujinon XF23mmF2 R WR - ACROS Film Simulation Doing Dishes by Din Dayemi, on Flickr
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    Fuji Birds

    In India
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    Cityscapes with Fujifilm X

    X-E2 + 27f2.8
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    Streetphotography (open thread)

    X-E2 + 27f2.8
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    MSC Charleston docked at Port Miami.
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    Will there be a Fujifilm XE 4?

    i kind of also think it's bull...considering they moved the x-t4 more towards video and the x-pro3 is very very niche with that weird screen...although fuji know their numbers best... i don't get why the viewfinder has to be on top and in the middle? especially on mirrorless...is it just for the looks?
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    Doug Pardee

    Fuji XT questions

    1. DxO refuses to have anything to do with X-Trans sensors. Until very recently, they refused to have anything to do with Fujifilm at all, even their Bayer-sensored cameras. 2. Fujifilm -- along with Olympus, Panasonic, and Ricoh/Pentax -- honors the traditional "18% gray" brightness target value. That brightness goal was set during the days of B&W photography, and we've learned that color photographs tend to look a bit "underexposed" at that brightness level. For that reason, Canon's DSLRs derate the ISO number, so that you get about one stop brighter image -- about 35% gray. Sony does the same, and Nikon changed over about a decade back. So the "Big 3" manufacturers all use an ISO rating system that produces images about a stop brighter than those produced by Fuji/Oly/Panny/Pentax. What is measured as ISO 200 on the old "18% gray" plan is now being marked as ISO 100 by the big brands. In fact, when NIkon made the change, people commented about how Nikon DSLRs used to only go down to ISO 200 but now were going down to ISO 100. To get 18% gray on one of the big guy's cameras, you need to meter at twice the ISO that the camera is set to. [By the way, Canon tried the 18% gray target in the Rebel XTi/400D DSLR, and people complained about how dark its pictures were.] When using in-camera metering on Fuji, the multi-zone metering runs about a stop brighter than the "dumb" metering modes. That way Fuji produces the same bright color images that the Big 3 manufacturers do -- in Multi metering mode. But the difference in brightness between in-camera metering modes catches a lot of people off-guard. Personal opinion: the days of "18% gray" are behind us. Canon, Nikon, and Sony have long abandoned that standard, and virtually nobody has complained. It's probably time for Fuji/Oly/Panny/Pentax to make the change, too.
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    Near and Far

    X-T2, 16-80mm
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    Wrong, The flippy screen destroys the ease of use enjoyed with the articulating screen of the XT-3 - just for starts. I'm afraid my next upgrade won't happen until Fuji starts making cameras again instead of camcorders. Just my opinion, but I believe there are plenty others out there that agree with me.
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    black and white (open thread)

    First post, lets see if I can do this...
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    XT-3 lens mount cap stuck

    Advice comes with the danger of scratching or otherwise harming your equipment. that said, sounds like the cap is cross threaded. how to remove? With computers (so not to damage computers) folks use a Spudger. It’s basically a mini crowbar but made of a softer material like plastic. The auto industry also uses smaller crowbars made of a softer material (plastic) for removing headliners or fabric/plastic, (search auto headliner removal tool) for examples. if it were me and I didn’t have these tools. pushing the lens release button should have no effect as I’ve never seen a camera body lens cover/cap on a camera system that locks (maybe there is a very high end medium or large format camera that does, that’s out of my realm) I’d cover the camera with a camera cleaning cloth. I’d then push the fabric to that small gap you mentioned by using a credit card or something plastic, thin but firm to get under the cap and carefully pry. If it didn’t come off I’d try again but move the card around the cap as I pried. What are your thoughts?
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    Jen and Row Row 1 by Din Dayemi, on Flickr
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    A great combo kit as well as a commanding portrait lens! Noah in the Office by Din Dayemi, on Flickr Mark in the Market by Din Dayemi, on Flickr
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    X-T30 Video Overheating Solutions

    I’ve shot years of wedding solo and your friends ask is a tough one as shooting is only a quarter of the challenge. That aside. I just did my first video with the x-t3 and focus was a challenge and the stupid stopped recording in 4K. At least it counts down on the screen to give you a heads up on when it will quit recording (so you can try to get critical vows and such...or an external recorder talked below) ok, the overheating issue. An external recorder is the way to go. It should give you 4:2:2 10 bit 4K and no limit on recording time (completely test this as I have xt3 not xt30 experience) the external recorder needs to have a monitor as part of its package. (My past experience w/ a Canon 5D mark III) it was the back LCD that caused the heating issue so switch to the eye viewer and test to confirm it won’t overheat anymore. on other stuff. Work on video focusing a ton and review footage on a large monitor. HD isn’t forgiving and 4K is even less forgiving. Use one lens and get as familiar as possible using it with video. Dreaming of what’s possible (different lenses, etc) vs the reality of only have one chance at getting it right will put a lot of stress on you. Switching gear in the middle of all this will add stress. (Where do you store the other gear, What pocket is it in, how/when to switch back, where’s that lens cap, did switching introduce dust, a hair, finger print or a little fuzzy thing that will be on all your footage now) Sound: shotgun mic like Rodes with fake fur (deadcat) windscreen on camera as it will isolate most unwanted camera and all your breathing noise (you’ll be huffing/puffing at sometime). Small recorder with small lavalier mic for groom. Recorder goes in jacket breast pocket. Turn on at least 10min. before ceremony and put tape over on/off switch (if groom goes to bathroom ya don’t want him messing with recorder because he’s under stress too and may/will forget to turn it back on) hope I didn’t overstep your ask too much. just want to help you and your family. good luck!
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    Fuji Birds

    **** Open Threads **** feel free to add bird photos here:) taken with a manual focus Fujinon 135mm 2.5. a little luck was needed.
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    Fuji Birds

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    How are you measuring the bitrate? If a video clip which takes 5 seconds to shoot at 200Mbps is played back at 4x slow motion (i.e. 20 seconds) then the average bitrate over 20 seconds will be 50Mbps.
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    M Wales

    black and white (open thread)

    X-Pro3 & 35 1.4
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hey guys - my name is Michael and photography has long been a passion of mine. I was a long time Canon user and made the switch to Fuji last year. I purchased an XT3 and currently have a 23mm and 56mm 1.4 lenses and shoot mostly portraits. I had a couple questions with some issues I am having with my camera which is what drew me to the forum in the first place.
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    Hi! Anyone who has the X100V - I'm stoked to get the new camera, but I realise that the manual focus ring is smooth but makes a scratchy sound when turning (See attached video). No functions affected but I don’t remember this happening with my previous X100 camera... does anyone have the same problem, or perhaps I have a lemon? thanks in advance. IMG_3636.MOV
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    X100V or Pen-F dillema?

    I have both and suggest that if you can afford to keep them both, you should do so. I thought about selling my Pen-F when I got the X100V since I mainly shoot with Fuji cameras, but the Pen-F is such a cool camera that I can't quite bring myself to part with it.
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    Film Simulation?

    Yes + Eterna bleach bypass
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    Also Chris from Pal2tech is great for Fuji gear one of the best
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    Streetphotography (open thread)

    X-E2 + 27f2.8
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    My shortlist: Chris and Jordan from DPReview, bigheadtaco, Denae & Andrew, Dustin Abbott, Ted Forbes (Art of...) and grandmaster Hugh Brownstone (3bmep). For inspiration I turn to Ted Vieira... not so short list after all and the common denominator is that they refrain from "awesome", "epic" and "I have more gear than God"... 😉 adding Gordon Laing to my long list...
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    I also include Zack Arias and Denae & Andrew on YouTube in my list.
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    ABSOLUTELY NOT. I am awaiting the X-T4 with baited breath and will have it the 1st day it is in the shop! I am totally bewildered why stills photographers have to be so vocally ANTI video features. Why can't people just use what they want and ignore what they don't. I specifically bought and own Fuji X kit, to shoot video, AND stills, but don't complain about non video features. For me the IBIX, the flippy LCD, which can be turned inwards for protection, the roughly double battery life and the separated photo/video menus are all significant, and equally so for stills as video shooters.
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    There are a few guys I regard as both knowledgeable and friendly toward Fujifilm gear. Theora Apophosis, Omar Gonzales, Bigheadtaco, Three Blindmen and an Elephant, and the Fuji Guys all come to mind. Of those, Ken Wheeler (Theora Apophosis) stands out for me with his technical acumen, and he has even written an ebook on Fujifilm gear. He is not palatable to everyone, as he is very blunt, and not apologetic for it.
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    Yup - I use my remote trigger all the time. I find it especially useful for video since it's wildly inconvenient to press the shutter button when on a gimbal. But it is also great for photos when you have the camera on a tripod.
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    Winter Landscapes

    Spring moon. Winter's ice and snow have packed up and went somewhere else. That is, at least in the area where I am. Sure, a late storm may put lots of the white stuff on the trees and ground, but with temperatures in the mid 60s (~ 18 - 20 degrees Celsius) that scenario is looking less and less likely. So, Until Next Season!
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    New to Fuji

    Hello, I am an 84 yr old retired U.S. Marine, I live in central Texas. Moved to Fuji from Nikon. I also shoot film with a Nikon FE and a CONTAX RX. I have toured in all 50 states and have taken the official tour of all state capitols, also all but 1 Canadian provinces and 15 states in Mexico. I was a full time RV,r for 13 years
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    I have an X-E2 and X-E3 though, truth be told, it's the X-E3 that gets the use as my third Fujifilm camera is an X-Pro 2 and there's an X-T4 on order. I'm a professional… have been for, dare I say it, fifty years. So… I love the X-E3 because it reminds me of my old Leica CL, a wonderful little camera I used through the 70's into the 80's. Small, quiet, unobtrusive, it, like the X-E3, was a great little street shooter. I join you in mourning the passing of the X-E cameras. I know mine will be in use until they give up the ghost.
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    If you don't want video don't use it. Personally I was looking forward to the xt4, smaller than the xh1 and with IBIS. BUt now that the metering switch has been lost, along with the new screen, I don't think I will bother. And as for you two above, isn't the point of forums to have debate, not character assassination
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    Near and Far

    Thanks very much, Jerry!
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    Near and Far

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    The "Digital Split Image" focus assist (as implemented on fuji's cameras) requires a display, so in pure OVF it is not possible to use it. However, on the x-pro2 you can also add a little display in the lower right corner of the viewfinder: set it to "ERF mode" : http://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/x-pro2/first_step/monitor/index.html#viewfinder_selector You should then be able to have the split image on the little EVF, with the rest of the viewfinder still in optical.
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    Not sure what went wrong for you. I have an X-T3 and do not have any real exposure problems. The XT-30 is smaller and lighter but the X-t3 is, as you say, weather resistent and has a much better viewfinder. I would say plump for the X-T3 if you can get one within your budget.
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    Hi! I have owned the Fuji 18-55 mm f 2.8-4 for a while, and now the upgrade itch got to me and I had to try out a Fuji 16-55 mm f2.8. After watching almost every review out there, I was really wondering if I would notice the difference in practical use. My first shots were disappointing in that regard, when just zooming in on my camera screen the pics looked very similar. Then I rigged up a tripod and did some more systematic comparisons - reviewing them on my computer. These screen shots from Capture One is very representative from what I found. I tried out various aperture settings and took many more pictures, but I believe these are basically telling the amount of difference in sharpness between the 18-55 and the 16-55. Focus was of course placed at the same spot. On the globe, it was on the A of Australia, on the car it was on the wheel. I noticed a difference in the bokeh on the globe-picture even if both lenses are set to f4 in that shot (the bokeh ball from the lamp across the street is bigger with the 16-55). Anyway - hope this is useful for someone, and it would be interesting to hear other user experiences. 😃 My conclusion is that the 18-55 is very good, but if you want to crop your images or print them very big, the 16-55 definitely is sharper. Pictures were taken with my X-h1
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    Green Iguana - Florida Wetlands

    Green Iguana shot @ Delray Beach Florida. File Name: D:\Fuji\Green-Iguana-1.jpg X-T2 1/60 sec f/8 ISO 640 Metering Mode: Spot Focal Length: 400 mm
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    Fuji X: Tips & Tricks

    Here is a feature that caused me some grief. If you select Auto for Dynamic Range, the LCD and EVF will no longer display shutter speed and aperture except when the shutter button is pressed halfway. It took me a while to figure out why shutter speed and aperture were missing from the display.
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    Streetphotography (open thread)

    Just a moment and eye to eye second
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    Landscapes in b&W (open thread)

    Since there is no topic for landscapes in b&w, I thought let's create one... Cloudy day by #1923#, auf Flickr
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    Jose Carpin

    "Yangon Circular Railway"

    "Yangon Circular Railway" Yangon, Myanmar 2017 Fuji X-T2 + XF16mm f1.4 R WR + XF35mm f1.4 Instagram: jose_carpin_photographer Website: www.josecarpin.com 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
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    Streetphotography (open thread)

    Leashed Cat
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    Fuji Birds

    First post here - taken with X-T3 and the 100-400 lens with 1.4 convertor.
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    black and white (open thread)

    Orléans XT1 & 35/1.4
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    Streetphotography (open thread)

    Jump by Adam Bonn, on Flickr X-Pro2 and xf35
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    Streetphotography (open thread)

    Wysłane z iPad za pomocą Tapatalk
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    Cityscapes with Fujifilm X

    Hello, For my first post, I wanted to share some of my N.Y.C photos taken with my x-e2 ! 1) 2) 3) Have a nice day
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