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Luigi (Leicatime) half case question

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I am looking to buy this half case for my new X-T3, I like the fact that I can cover the back LCD not only for safety reasons but to make me look less on it and focus more on photography.

http://www.luigicases.com/a000-CasesFujiFinepixX100.X10.htm (X-T2 case will work on X-T3)

However, I am looking to find out from somebody who owns such a case how well it fits and how well it works while shooting. I am concern about some small things but from the photos I cannot say more.





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Camera cases are a waste of time, in my opinion. A damn nuisance too, with film cameras, when you need to switch rolls.

If you don't want to look at the back LCD (though it's actually ideal for composition, compared to the EVF) I'm sure there's a way of turning it off.

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