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  1. Couldn't agree more. Equivalent to a 35 mm lens on a 35 mm camera, with that 63 degree angle of view, so more universally useful. Plus, apart from the excellent specifications, it's pretty lightweight and compact. If I only had prime lens to go out and shoot with, this would totally be my choice.
  2. Alexander, I don't believe you're imagining things! Like yourself, I'm oftentimes finding the EVF eyesight adjustment has changed (so then you have to go through the nuisance of re-calibrating it to your shooting eye, which for me is the left one) although the camera has just been sitting in the bottom of my backpack; I reckon it must be from putting other objects into and out, even though I never leave anything resting atop my camera in there. The other phenomenal adjustment (that was a play on words really) that occurs is when the exposure compensation dial moves from its normal 0 position. Both of these could have been prevented if the camera had been built with similar locks for these dials as are found on the other top dials. Can't comment usefully on the electronic/mechanical shutter issue though ... I might speculate that you've pushed the trigger inadvertently while the lens cap was on, but honestly my comprehension of how and when the camera would switch to one or the other is very limited. Hope this helps some, Paul
  3. Might help if you told us what lens you had attached. At a guess, this will be a contact issue between the contacts between the lens and the body, but that's only a guess.
  4. I'm pretty certain that he was providing advice to myself, as the originator of the thread, seeking knowledge (thanks, Bergat). What he's saying makes sense, from my experience; my 'best' results so far using the Panorama feature in the X-T2 have been achieved using a focal length of 35-55 mm (about 50-85 mm equivalent to shooting in 35 mm film format). It's more challenging to get this right when shooting hand-held but yields a better result. Incidentally, the second 'to' in your sentence is redundant.
  5. I'm not familiar with the lens, or using non-Fujifilm lenses on a Fujifilm camera, but maybe it would help to let us know whether you're using an X-T2 or X-T20?
  6. I'm experimenting here, not sure if I'm going to see my image from Flickr or a link to my Flickr account. Jerome, Az Edit: yeah, what I thought, it's just a link. How the heck do other people manage to paste images into this site, from Flickr or wherever?
  7. Thanks to all for your input, very helpful! I'll see if I can actually figure out how to put a couple of images up, and then maybe get some more feedback. I am an analogue kind of guy at heart ... and Flickr doesn't seem to be what you would call intuitive ...
  8. I'm a bit dismayed. I thought this forum was about the X-T2 & X-20, and a key reason that I waited to obtain my X-T2 a couple of years back was because of the panoramic feature. Aren't there any others out there with some useful feedback and input? There are some smart people who contribute here, from what I've seen. 😐
  9. When I bought my X-T2 (part of an insurance claim, when my Fujifilm 645W film camera and Fujifilm X-10 were damaged) I talked to my camera retailer guy, and although I could have received instant gratification by choosing an X-T20, I decided instead to wait for delivery of an X-T2, which was in in short supply at the time. Panoramic pictures have been something of an obsession for me, photographically speaking. I would enjoy some feedback from other X-T2 users on how they're working with, or around, this feature. The focal length of the lens sure makes a difference to the electronic brain in the camera. Separately but related, what's the best and easiest photo upload source to use on this here site?
  10. Camera cases are a waste of time, in my opinion. A damn nuisance too, with film cameras, when you need to switch rolls. If you don't want to look at the back LCD (though it's actually ideal for composition, compared to the EVF) I'm sure there's a way of turning it off.
  11. You can always download their App, and use your smartphone as the trigger. http://app.fujifilm-dsc.com/en/camera_remote/
  12. From interest, does it take pictures OK?
  13. Try using it in aperture priority, preferably on a tripod ... f8 for landscapes, f2.8 for portraits is a good starting point. Close-ups (e.g. flowers) are a bit more challenging as depth of field is always so limited. Using a smaller aperture, say f16, is probably going to produce the best result although it's dependent on just how much you want to be in sharp focus.
  14. Yeah, I reckon it's the lens cap. It's the same colour as the backside of my lens caps.
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