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Found 17 results

  1. Can fix my X-T20 plz. Viewmode error
  2. Had a little accident with my X-T20: in the backpack with my water bottle, bottle's cap was half-open, so long story short water out of the bottle, camera wet. Dried out the camera, all is working as intended, but only with one problem: sometimes, when I turn off the camera, the lens(es) starts clicking continuously, until I remove the battery or turn on the camera. When I re-insert the battery, the lens restarts clicking. Any idea what to check, or what can I do to stop this strange behaviour? The backpack was in my car seat, so i cannot exclude a damage from hit, but it's more likely to be the water situation, I think. Thanks in advantage.
  3. Hey! In August I was travelling through Portugal for good 3 weeks with my recently acquired Fuji X-T20 and the Fuji 14mm F2.8, Fuji 23mm F2.0 and the Fuji 56mm F1.2. Hope you enjoy the photos 1.Faro 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
  4. Hey, a couple of pics from today's morning in Lueneburg (Lower Saxony, Germany). Unfortunately I realised a bit to late how foggy it was outside so that most of the fog was already gone. Shouldn't have watched "How to get away with murder" on Netflix before getting up Finn
  5. Is there any tpa mounts available for X series cameras that can adapt nikkor lenses ?
  6. Hi all, I've been an X-A series user since beginning (X-A1, A2). Although I have most of the Fuji primes. Now I'm owning both X-A2 and X-T20. Several A to B crop files are attached. I've purchased X-T20 about several days ago, only because of the 4K. I wish X-A3 would have it, otherwise I bought it instead of X-T20. Pros of the X-A2 over X-T20 (IMHO) 1. Battery life - endless comparing to X-T20 2. Much better ergonomics on X-A2: - a dedicated button for recording - Play and Delete buttons are on the right side which is perfect for one hand operations, on X-T20 you have to use another hand or move you thumb thru the display which triggers the EVF and turns off the display for a second. Hence you spend more time. - Expo-correction dial is so stiff on X-T20 that you have to use both fingers to rotate it, it's the most used element fro me, it's a pleasure to use it on X-A2, and it's a pain to use it on X-T20. Also the dial a bit extends on X-A2 from the body which is another plus. - the same concerns the top Fn button right after the dial. X-A2 - no complaints. on X-T20 it's too flat. Almost impossible to press it until you use your nail. - Built-in Flash is tillable on X-A2. On X-T20 it's fixed, facing forward, almost useless for me. - special ultra-bright display mode useful in bright sun. No such mode on X-T20, probably because of the EVF (but I prefer using display in most cases, because it allows to shot in so many different positions, e.g. from the ground... etc. - Joystick buttons are to thick on X-T20, easy to activate them accidentally. Did not have such a problem on X-A2 at all. - IMHO, but shiny silver plastic on X-A2 looks more real than soft one on the X-T20, same with "leather" Pros of the X-T20 for me - 4K video, better video - touch screen (although they have positioned the focus-finger-option on the right top of the display, it triggers accidentally too much, so sometimes it turns off autofocus (they could make it like on Nikon J5, it has it on the left side) Both cameras have a bit different AWB so I have tried to match it. Also X-A2 has higher shadows by default (I've added -6 to shadows in Lightroom) Also with absolutely same settings X-T20 gives always brighter picture. (Exp +0.25) Also for ISO 6400 X-T20 gives softer picture if Mechanical Shutter is used, it gives identical to lower ISO modes sharpness if ES is selected. For now I have attached 2 crops (100%) of both cameras. A to B comparison. X-A2 enlarged to match the 24Mp size of the X-T20 Lightroom 6.9, Detail section is turned off (in order to show raw details), ISO3200, 56mm f5.6, 1/5s, Later I will upload other photos. Please try and guess which one is which. UPDATE: I have attached the same comparison, but now both RAF files were processed by internal RAW converter, all settings by default, Noise Reduction was set to the lowest value available. Dropbox Link to 100% view Just in case X-A2 shows more precise AWB. The red color is tend to be orange on X-T20.
  7. I have used cameras for a long time, none of them weather sealed, without any damage from water or dust.In fact I don't recall it even being an issue.But now I am deciding between an xt2 and xt20 ,mainly on this basis and the $700 price difference.I will never be out in the rain with this gear, but it will be exposed to ordinary dust, and perhaps high tropical humidity.I am leaning towards the xt20.This has perhaps been covered before, but I can't find a search function.
  8. Hi everyone, Quite often, under artificial lights, the screen of both the LCD and the EVF of my Fuji XT20 is flickering/flashing quickly, making shooting unpleasant. This video shows the issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWk6i_udD34 When I turn the camera OFF, then ON again, there is an intense flickering at the beginning, but all flickering disappears after 1 second (but the issue might occur again a few minutes later). The issue is present in both normal and high performance mode. 1) Does this happens to anyone else? I would also be interested to know if you don't experience this issue. 2) If it is caused by the reaction of the LCD/EVF to the fluorescent/LED lighting operating at a certain frequency, why is the issue temporary resolved by turning the camera OFF, then ON again? Thank you!
  9. Not sure if this is the correct forum. I have XT20 and XE1 (and Nikon D300 and D5300) 2 laptops and a desktop all running Debian Buster (10) and the USB connection works fine. Also an INTEL NUC running linux MINT and the USB works fine for all 4 cameras. Now I've bought and assembled a new INTEL NUC and installed Debian 10 again. I've updated the BIOS the D5300 mounts, the D5300 does not mount and needs GTKAM. The 2 fuji cameras also need GTKAM - and will not automount. Any suggestions as to why the fuji cameras automount on some machines and not others, when the operating system is identical (apart from MINT) I've run out of ideas I'm afraid Thanks David
  10. Got an xt20 this year. Also besides the 18-55 kit lens I have purchased a 27mm, a 10-24mm, a 55-140. I just purchased a Lee filter kit with Big and Little stopper. Live in the Smoky Mountain area, so lots of good landscapes to photograph. Question. I understand I need to block light from coming through the view finder when using the filters. How do I do that, put it on LCD only?
  11. I recently got an XT20 with the 18-55 kit lens. Today I was trying it out at home, when I found out that when I try to zoom quickly in or out in manual mode, I see a horizontal light appear for a fraction of a second on the EVF. I cannot see this happening on the LCD. This happens only in manual mode, and not auto. This does not happen when recording a video. I am using mechanical shutter. But I don't think this is a shutter issue as I see this white line for a second when zooming quickly. Also I don't see it when I see EVF auto brightness from Auto to manual. The firmware is updated. Also tried zooming outside, I don't see that issue. The issue is as described here by another user:
  12. I just got a Fuji X-T20 2 days ago and I have some problems first of all my battery takes a full day to charge which is very odd secondly every time i record 4K it says “write error” however I did insert a old memory card on it with only 17mb writing speed, it works fine with 1080 recording but the problem only occurs when I record 4K. So I ordered a sanDisk extreme pro 32Gb with a 90mb writing speed and it will arrive in 3 days. so can the problem be due to the old memory card or should I just return the camera and get a refund?
  13. Hello, i want to ask. Whats the best lens adaptor for canon ef to fujifilm xt-20? Thanks for your advice😊
  14. Hi all, I’m new to the forum. I’ve been using my x-t20 for a year now and I am really happy about its capabilities! There is just one little thing that totally annoys me every single time I use this camera. While using the EVF, my nose moves around the focus point, so damn annoying! I can’t find a way to change this, because I rather use the back buttons to move it around. Please please help me out on this one? Looking forward to your replies!
  15. Has anyone encountered an issue where after attaching or changing a lens and turning the camera on the screen flickers like shown on this video I recorded earlier? I have tried cleaning the contact pins on the camera and the lens but the issue still persists. The lenses I have are the 23mm 1.4 and the 18-55 kit lens. There is no issue when turning on the camera without a lens or when using a manual lens without contact pins. The flickering also happens randomly, sometimes attaching a lens produces no issue, sometimes it does. I don't know what causes it. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  16. Hello everyone. Hope anyone can guide me as what are the settings to AVOID in order not to be kicked out of RAW heaven? I find it confusing....
  17. Hello all, new member here . Last Saturday i went to do some astrophotos with my xt20 and my new 56 1.2. I would like to know if someone else have try to do some AP with this lens becouse i run in some issues with the focus. My idea was to use the intervalometer to take multiple shoots to stack the photos in post (typical for AP) so i tried to use manual focus but the focus by wire is not so trustworthy in this situations...it jumped a lot between small stars (close to focus) and big ones (far from it). In the end set to manual, back button focus and that seemed to work for bright stars...the problem was that after the first pic, all the others from the set were out of focus! even if the focus was set to manual it seemed to move it a bit, which for stars and 1.2 is terrible!! does anyone run to the same issue?? or know what would be the best strategy to do AP with this lens?? I have also the roki 85 1.4 and comparing pics (the ones in focus) im really happy with the results of the 56...but focusing the 85 it way easier!! If anyone can help me would be helpful!!! sorry about my english! Cheers from Argentina!
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