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  1. with version IOS 14.1 it doesn't go ... I hope with the 14.2
  2. Pardon SrMi a user above
  3. DRMi has told the truth
  4. I Think your X-E3 was already used. The camera is packed in a plastic envelope and it is visible if it is used
  5. The Canon R5 e R6 establish new standards about possibility of autofocus and tracking., Which secret of firmware and processing they have, I don't know, but the result is very impressive vs the competition. And is more appreciable, because R5 and R6 are FF, and not aps-c. I think (and hope) fuji will be able to give a right answer with the new products , and I hope that it will be able to upgrade firmware of other cameras to reduce the big difference, that now are really present.
  6. I could not ever to pair iphone and X-H1. When i Ty to pair the, the connection drops
  7. I hope Xt-4 will have the ibis, the AF trackingk fast like the sony with animal eye recognition and the pixel shift like GFX 100, with the possibility to obtain images of 100 Mpixel too.
  8. Sure. The x-t2 works in automatic mode too. You have to select the shutter speed in auto and chose also the aperture of the diaphragm in automatic mode on the lens
  9. I am interested to This lens Is it a better solution vs Fuji 10-24 used to 10 mm? I speak about the IQ.
  10. What about the pixel shift on the new X-T4?
  11. Strange things to do in the city to extinguish a fire X-H1 35mm F2 @ f8 with luminar 4
  12. You are right Eddie, but who use xt30 or xe3, perhaps in the mind of fujifilm, are people who d not change often the iso value
  13. I tested it. My h1 camera too does this problem. I think is an error of firmware.
  14. This is a pity. My illusion was that it could be a solution to the problem like sony has solved for her old cameras
  15. Sure! They have it or real phisic one or logic virtual on LVF
  16. And now we are waiting for AF tracking and eye af update like the new present in X-A7
  17. The X-H1 is capacity of x-t2 with the plus of the ibis. I ask to myself when Fuji will develop the capacity of AF tracking and eye af velocity to make them almost equal to x-A7 features? Do you think Fuji will let die its admiral camera?
  18. Now I have bought a new camera a X-H1. excellent camera
  19. From the album: City and landscape

    X-t1 Developed with ON1
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