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XF 23mm F2 - new lens but has a small bubble


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Help, I have just received the above lens and it does give lovely results. However, when I took it out of the packaging, I saw what I thought was a speck of dust but it turned out to be a bubble on the inner optic very near the edge.


Now as I have found at a casual look, the results are fine but is it going to be an issue when I trade this lens in at a later date?


Shots are attached of the lens.



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7 hours ago, BobJ said:

A bubble in the glass will absolutely not affect the image quality in any  way. Whether it will affect the resale value is hard to say. If you are concerned can you not send it back?

Thank you for your comment. Looking at the results I agree that there are no visible issues. I'll probably keep it.

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I was a commercial photographer for 55 years and have seen some pretty large bubbles in view camera lenses. I’ve owned several that the bubbles were quite visible but even those there was absolutely no impact on images  

As to used value, knowing what the photo world is like today, it may reduce the resale value. The thing to do is simply keep it. I own one and it’s a tremendous lens so just make some great images with it and forget about the bubble. 

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