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Wide Angle Lens for Interior/Exterior Architecture Photograp


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I am looking to buy a lens (probably used) for use when capturing interior and exterior architecture images.


I currently have the 16-80mm Fuji lens and tried a Fuji 14mm lens but found that in certain situations I need something wider than 14mm.

So considering the Fuji 10-24mm lens or a third party 12mm prime like the Samyang or the more expensive Zeiss prime.

I will be using it on my Fuji X-H1 camera.


Your thoughts and opinions?

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Hi, since you mention architecture, along with interiors, I assume maybe you plan on shooting professionally?
If so, consider the option of refraining from shooting super wide all the time, as the 'wow' effect of super-wides often collides with the need of representing spaces or structures with a more natural identity. One very good option could be to buy a lens with a T/S (tilt/shift) or only S adapter ring to connect with your camera. You'll have to set the lens aperture and focus manually, but it's not a big deal; you would be able to include a detail in the composition or correct vertical lines without the excessive perspective effect of super wides. 
The Fuji sensor, the small ones, are so good that one can happily forget about FF and prime shift lenses and go the Frankenstein way with great satisfaction. One option to investigate would be coupling a Voigtländer Heliar 15mm with the XH1.
The Voigtländer is meant for FF so it would give you a sufficient portion of good image circle to shift around with. Some uses it on GFX cropping the sensor to FF.
Hope it can be 'stimulating', and not make things even worse...

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