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Wide/Ultra wide lenses for the GFX100S


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I am looking at expanding my lens selection for the (new to me) GFX100S. Looking at my usage on the 35mm FF, perhaps the most common lenses I use are the 20mm, the 15mm with some use of the Laowa 12mm.

I have been considering options. I already have the 45mm F2.8. One possibility would be the 20-35mm F4 zoom but I am not a fan of zoom lenses except for lightweight travel and for that I would probably take the X-T5. So a more likely option would be both the 23mm and 30mm lenses which would be easier to source and cheaper. If I go that route, the next step would be one of the Laowa's.

So the question is does anyone have any experience of the 17/4 or the 19/2.8? My understanding is that the 17mm lens is basically the same optical formula as the 12mm FF lens(which is excellent) with an in built MFC whereas the 19mm is specifically designed for the MF size sensor.

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I have the GF20-35 and like it very much.  I find it tough to shoot ultrawide primes without constantly changing lenses.  The usual reduction on optical quality doesn't seem to apply to the 20-35.  I'm kind of the opposite, use longer lenses on the XT5 since they are so much smaller.

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Not sure I know how to describe it.  To me, it has a familiar Fuji Gfx look in a wide angle if that means anything to you.  It can capture a big wide view with great detail and also has pretty good detail used closer up.  It even has pretty good bokeh for this type of lens.  Sunstars are kind of ordinary but I haven't played with that too much. AF is a little faster than the 32-64 and seems accurate.  I've not used the 23 but for me this lens is exceptional.  I've never seen a zoom lens in this focal range anywhere close to this good and I think it would rival the primes in optical quality.

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Dear friend,

I had the GF 23 and 30 and I replaced them both with the GF20-35.

No regrets: the zoom is of the highest level, not heavy and of similar dimensions to the 23mm.

You can find some photos in my gallery.

Don't think twice: 20-35 for life... The Laowa is a good lens but if you try the Fuji zoom you will never go back.

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