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Worth upgrading a XT4?

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As to the original question, now more than half a year old, I just upgraded from an X-T4 to an X-T5. I'm just getting started with it. I like the increase in resolution. I think I like the option to save as HEIF or JPG, though I'm just learning about the significance (and if you shoot 100% RAW it may be a non-issue anyhow).

I'm also intrigued by the "Pixel Shift Multi-Shot Function", which repurposes IBIS to move the sensor around to 20 slightly different positions, taking a picture at each position. You then use their free software on a desktop computer to combine the 20 pictures, creating a 160 megapixel image. The resolution doubles, and each pixel in this final image has information from all 3 color masks, rather than exactly 1 which is puffed up by de-mosaicing. Very clever. It is a real 160 megapixel image, sort of. Haven't experimented with it yet.

There are a bunch of other improvements in the specs, though I don't think of those by themselves as sufficient reason to make the upgrade.

I'm having a great time getting to know the camera -- but, then, I am fond of equipment....

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