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  1. Hello, i finally assembled a new pc. Not tthe strongest, i know i would work with proxies when editing video, but i expected to play the clips as soon as thy are out of the camera It is a ryzen 3700x, with 32gb ram and a gtx 760 (till i find a better one at a reasonable price) Now what it happen is very strange. Taljing about 4k video, files i shot in h264 don't play smooth, while they do when shot in h265. Both at 400mbps, 25fps. I havent done may other test with settings, but this sound very strange Can anyone give me an explanation? Is there some problem on my pc/os? thank you
  2. yes what i intended is to recharge battery when connected to pc!
  3. Hello i have changed Pc. Now i have usb C type port available on pc. Can i use a USB C to USB C cable to connect fuji xt3 to computer? What benefit if any? Thanks
  4. i have discovered the trick. The iso shown on the display don't reflect the effective iso used. When hal pressing the shutter, the real used ISO is shown. But only in that moment!
  5. mainly what i expect to happen is seeing a change in ISO value, as well as i see F and SS changing I have these valuein AUTO ISO 1 Default Sensitivity 160 Max Sensitivity 1600 min Shutter speed 1/250 ISOA1 is the one in use now Then i try to point my camera to very dark place and very light place What i see is the SS changing from all the range..i see it coing down to "1 in the darkest or going up to 640 or more when in light I hardly F changing, and also ISO never change! To resume it seems only SS change when going from very dark to very light And as i told you i have tried to set the SS and F to fixed value and leave the ISO in auto and still, i never see ISO changing value when going from dark to light If i set only SS to a fixed value, i set it to 500, F do change in very light, while it stays in RED at 2.5 in dark and ISO never change What i expect is to see ISO changing value accordingly to situation, but it is always at the fixed value specified in MAX SENSITIVITY
  6. even if i set fixed F ans SS ISo will always remains at that Setting!
  7. i am tryng but i don't understand i always have the iso fixed at the MAX sensitivity ss go down to 3 or less even if i set minimum shutter speed at 1/250 I tried to simulate the settings as in the post
  8. Hello, i have always used the xt3 for video, and now i am trying to see the various possibility with photo. I am trying to use the Full auto mode (exposure), and while i can see that f and ss would change when moving the camera, the iso is always on the same number I have set the iso dial do A, and the camera show ISOA1, with the number i have selected as MAX SENSISTIVITY in autoiso settings, AUTO 1 SO for test i set 3200, or 6400 on MAX sensitivity..and iso never change from that value ...it rather change the SS to unusable rate How does it works? thanks
  9. right! i did that for the iso, but i did not remember i had to do it for aperture also! But strangely i have to set the lens on A rather than manual. why?
  10. hello after a reset of my xt3 i can t anymore use aperture through the dials. I have assigned the aperture to the front dial, (both alone and with another command), i have assigned it to the rear dial..but it looks like no assignment is never done. Lens is set not to A what am i doing wrong? thanks
  11. Hello on my XT3 in video mode i can set the info on display (or set them off) by pressing the BACK button But when enter in REC mode this is not possible anymore to switch this.The info are on screen or there are not Is it possible to change this? thanks
  12. Hello i am thinking how to have more power for my xt3. I have right now 3 batteries, but they might not be enough for some cases. So i think about using an external power supply, a powerbank to use with usb x of xt3. But i read somewhere that the usb-c supply works only with the camera switched off. In this case the battery are recharged. With camera on the usb c input don t work Is that true?
  13. no difference for me between 4k or 2k What i want to know if it is a normal thing or is a problem with my camera
  14. Hello, when in video mode, while the lcd is fluent and good, the evf is kind of laggy,, when i pan or move the camera expecially; it does not have a smooth view, more than laggy i would say not smooth, there a slight "clicking" when moving the camera It happens both in normal or boost mode When in photo mode, it works good, the image is really smooth and fluent Any idea?
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