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  1. right! i did that for the iso, but i did not remember i had to do it for aperture also! But strangely i have to set the lens on A rather than manual. why?
  2. hello after a reset of my xt3 i can t anymore use aperture through the dials. I have assigned the aperture to the front dial, (both alone and with another command), i have assigned it to the rear dial..but it looks like no assignment is never done. Lens is set not to A what am i doing wrong? thanks
  3. Hello on my XT3 in video mode i can set the info on display (or set them off) by pressing the BACK button But when enter in REC mode this is not possible anymore to switch this.The info are on screen or there are not Is it possible to change this? thanks
  4. Hello i am thinking how to have more power for my xt3. I have right now 3 batteries, but they might not be enough for some cases. So i think about using an external power supply, a powerbank to use with usb x of xt3. But i read somewhere that the usb-c supply works only with the camera switched off. In this case the battery are recharged. With camera on the usb c input don t work Is that true?
  5. no difference for me between 4k or 2k What i want to know if it is a normal thing or is a problem with my camera
  6. Hello, when in video mode, while the lcd is fluent and good, the evf is kind of laggy,, when i pan or move the camera expecially; it does not have a smooth view, more than laggy i would say not smooth, there a slight "clicking" when moving the camera It happens both in normal or boost mode When in photo mode, it works good, the image is really smooth and fluent Any idea?
  7. so you say that if i want to use f less than 1.8 is better to do not upgrade to 3.0 right?
  8. Hello i don t understand exactly what you are teling me
  9. Hello i just got my xt3 and i feel a bit confused for so many things inside.While startiung to study i would like to have some info on accessories i would need Cards: i have few cards, sandisk sdxc 1,, 10 and 3, 90mb speed(don't know exactly what the difference for the 2 standing) the other is sandisk sdxc 1 only 10, 30mb, then i have another sandisk sdxc 1 that only report a 3 So i suppose the first could be ok to use, the opther don't know.. Usb c cable, is it worthy to buy it? A film cover for the display also is better to have it? i have a bunch of minolt rokkor lens, what adapter would you suggest I use XT3 for VIDEO! thanks a lot
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