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i updated my fujifilm xt 30 two days ago and here is a few huge issues i encountered.

  • not charging when using a usb c pd charger, which worked until this update
  • not charging when using usb cable connected to computer
  • not able to connect to computer via usb, it's not detected in computer or camera after this update
  • battery life has basically halved after this update 

all these issues need to be fixed asap. and i updated this firmware using the phone app, so that's a difference this time. and if anyone else have any solution, please let me know so that i can try those too.. since right now camera is basically useless for me, until this is fixed.

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also i noticed now that i am not the only fujfilm xt-30 user who's experiencing issues after version 2 firmware update. so anyone who have issues after this version 2 update please list your issues under this thread, so we can know all the issues found so far in a single thread and that will be helpful to fix the issues in the next update. or to share the fixes we find for each issues. thanks

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update : the charging and file transfer issue is fixed.

i was searching for ways to downgrade the firmware after posting this, because i read some articles that it fixes etc.. but didn't found any ways to do that.. but i found that we can actually update the firmware again with the same version of the firmware file. so i downloaded the firmware again and this time i didn't use the fuji camera remote app, i used card as always and updated it again and the issues were fixed, i haven't tested the battery life, but i am hopeful that it's fixed too since other issues are fixed by doing this. so anyone who got issues after version 2 firmware update, please update again using card and see if that fix the issues. if not then add your issues under this thread. also never use fujifilm camera remote app to update firmware, it's the first time i used app to update and i got enough issues by doing it. have a great day everyone.

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I have tried to update the firmware version of my XT-30 from 1.51 to 2.0 without success. When I use Cam Remote, the App indicates that the camera already has the most recent software. If i use a memory card, the camera indicates that it is not possible to find the software in the card. What else should I do to update the firmware?


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