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  1. I wish they release a firmware fixing these indeed !. because the other methods seems a bit complex... let's hope.. because fujifilm used to listen to users since the start...
  2. my friend !, the webcam support is only in name.. it doesn't work. that's why i was taking about it !. it shows everything in the camera menu.. but it doesn't work on computer.. at least on windows... since i have tried every way, myself on windows 10 and windows 11... no apps detect camera(in webcam mode).. even the fujifilm webcam app doesn't detect camera... the fujifilm remote app, works perfect,.,. for live view and image transfer etc... i have taken a star trails recently using that as remote shutter. but the webcam mode.. no luck so far.. and no solution in internet tooo.. i tried many seen in internet.. but never worked... maybe in the next firmware.. fujifilm will give a "working" webcam mode for windows computers.. anyway thanks for saying... wish you a nice day !
  3. it's better to use power bank with power delivery... and you can actually use any power bank with power delivery feature. it's safer and faster to charge/power the fujifilm camera.... and i have used power bank without pd with my camera too... after checking the voltage compatibility etc... but the power bank's with power delivery are noticeably faster... and they are available in the similar price as power bank's without power delivery... so since the price is similar... it's always better to use power bank's with power delivery !.. i hope this helps.. have a nice day !.
  4. I use a circular polarizer... and it does give good results.. i think most cpl filters available in the market would give good results.... so go for any cpl filter with good reviews. have a nice day !.
  5. it is indeed a big cripple.... even xa-7 can be used as a webcam.. while more costly xt-30 can't be used.... i wish more people sent feedback.. so the fujifilm implement tethering support.. through the next firmware update... have a nice day !.
  6. yes !, exactly... it makes it easier for us to experiment with different types of photography and videography..
  7. I guess you are not up to date with newer technologies... So i am not gonna waste my time collecting the details and sharing with you... I started this post since it was a helpful one , when it will be implemented... For majority... But i am not gonna have time to argue with anyone for a image format which isn't owned by me..lol.... When you have free time please check how much color bit depth your Fujifilm camera raw files have.... You might understand that most cameras does take pictures in more than 10 bit... After a checking a few more camera raw files... the cameras released after 2009 would be the ones to check.... please don't check cameras from 1980's cause they're film....rofl... ( Well there was FUJIX DS-1P in 1989 the first commercially available fully digital camera , but don't check the bit depth in it ) Your comment was nice , it gave me a smile.. thank you ... But please check the recent technologies... But you already know jpeg xl... So you do know things... That means... You have a motive against the format.... Consider that you won the argument... Have a nice day !. I won't be replying further.
  8. If we don't shoot many pictures and doesn't have to share those or doesn't have a device with a 10bit display or have a ton of storage and a super high-speed internet... We wouldn't need to use heic/heif image format šŸ˜Š . But let's say i go on a sponsored trip and after i reach back i was told to send the image's in a easily viewable format ( so not raw ) , and they want to see in good screen ( which has 10 bit capabilities like most new screens have, even many phone's have 10bit nowadays and newer will surely have ) so should i sent 1000 tiff files each of those files are 120MB or will i sent 10MB sized heif/heic files ....? I would only sent heic/heif files .. because huge size difference even though heif/heic files currently used are 10 bit, the file format can actually support upto 16 bit... And yes ! It's a lossy format , so it won't have the same details as a raw files.... But I don't see anyone using raw files exclusively for viewing, sharing, publishing etc... So RAW format won't be replaced by any other.... But heic/ heif is a replacement for jpg not RAW... And heif/heic files do better than jpg in every use case... Also takes less space and support more color depth and details... Also a Fujifilm RAW file is average 56MB .... But a 16bit tiff file of the same file is 120MB.... So I don't think everyone would use a tiff file for regular viewing experience... I use it only to move the editing to Lightroom and it uses a lot of space... Because as most people... I take a lot of pictures.... And storage is a premium...it won't take much time to run out of storage if you save images in tiff format..... Rather than jpg or it's next better format heic/heif etc.... So as i said before , if you have a super high-speed internet to send 1000 images to others... (Also they have high-speed internet to download those without waiting long) and you have more than 10tb of storage.. then it's fine you can use tiff , i would too.. and a faster computer/phone/device to view them as fast as we view a jpg or heic/heif files... The ease of use is the idea behind innovation and improvements in technology and that's the reason why everyone uses the newer technologies... I do see many people who like old technology and doesn't want to adapt the new technology quicker... I understand ... That's why i bought a Fujifilm camera rather than other brands , because i didn't want the modern boring modern plain black design cameras from other brands... I wanted something which had a pleasing vintage looks and the dials ( also that I don't have to look at the screen and go into the menu's and change settings etc.. always)... ( Fujifilm cameras have that vintage looks and feel with ease of use in mind... Also the modern technology inside.. so it's like best of both worlds) So i am not an early adopter in certain cases.. but i know many are late adopters... I understand... It's due to the usual workflow... And new things used to have some issues and the issues are a headache in the regular workflow , thus we like to keep using what is already working well rather than trying newly improved version of those .. but when we actually try the newly improved version and if it works well we will automatically shift to it... Realizing it's advantages and then you'll find that it's useful for a lots of purpose and it makes things easier to do... Like sending the files to others or storing more of it in a small space or viewing in a broader range of Colors.. etc... So when you start using it in your regular workflow... You will realize it's advantages and benefits.. wish you a good day ahead.. !
  9. it's a lut !. you might need to contact that person to know which lut he/she used.. then after knowing about it, we could figure out how to replicate the look... or you can manually color grade in premier pro or davinci or fcp etc.. and you will be able to match that look after a bit of work !. i hope this helps
  10. Thank you for voicing support, only when users send feedback or voice the need for the feature, it will be prioritized by Fujifilm.. that's why it was important to voice the need for the feature. so let's hope more ask for it, thus making Fujifilm prioritize it and implement it. have a nice day ahead !.
  11. šŸ˜„šŸ˜„šŸ˜„ by slight difference of Seconds !!. Also found out there is another Fuji x forum !!
  12. I searched for your issue in other forums and few had it and they said it's after the latest firmware version etc... And they said this. "when choosing movie compression Long GOP only show this message, otherwise if choosing all-intra it will not show the message" . So i hope this helps !.. i'm youta, not k . Have a nice day !. [Also if you don't have HDMI 2.0 you won't be able to record 4k60 , so check your cable too , HDMI 1.4 can only support 4k30]
  13. dear friend !, it's not the fault of your camera !. it's because your light uses "pulse modulation" that is what causes the banding.. the same reason why there is specific lights for video which doesn't use pulse modulation or have very fast flicker speed . i am sorry that you already bought a light.. but next time.. please check that the light doesn't use pulse modulation or have a very high flicker speed. most lights these days even when they're using pulse modulation, the flicker speed is faster than the camera shutter speed.. thus it doesn't cause an issue in video.. but some pulse modulation lights still use a very slow flicker rate which is slower than your camera shutter speeds, thus the banding is clearly visible in camera !. only the camera's with "global shutter" can record without banding in every possible lighting and situations.. which is mostly cinema cameras. so try lowering the shutter speed to the minimum 48 in camera while shooting 24fps video... if there is still banding... then your light has very slow flicker rate and unfortunately can't be used for video works with usual mirrorless camera's. also if you are buying lights for video.. make sure you buy the lights which is designed for video work, they're flicker free. or if you are good at electronics or know a friend who is good at electronics, tell them to increase the flicker speed of your light, they can do it by replacing a small few circuit components of the light and it will cost very less. i hope this helps !.
  14. you have made the video as "private" in YouTube, thus others can't view it.... you need to set it as "public" if anyone is able to view it. i would like to see your work, when it's available to watch. have a nice day ahead !.
  15. I heard good things too about online editors recently.. but it is practical only for people who have high speed internet connection without data limit.. since uploading uncompressed video files from camera will use a lot of data and require a lot of time depending on the size and even when recording in fhd it goes beyond 20gb within 10 minutes.. so it is nice, but not very useful for everyone.. since people who could afford high speed internet without data limit which could upload 20gb in a hour.. can surely afford a m1 mac mini or macbook pro or any laptop with intel i9 or ryzen 9 and these devices can edit 4k dci videos effortlessly as you watch a movie... also premier pro and davinci etc.. only take 3gb maximum for installation space... so i am not saying you're wrong etc.. because i heard good about it from a few professionals... but storage space and performance was not an issue at all, if you were discussing about editing videos taken with camera , factoring in the size of video files will be at least 100gb totally while you were recording a small 20 minute talk with a few extra scenes.. anyway , thanks for sharing your opinion about the online editing software.. but i was just explaining the differences so people can get an idea and can choose between easily.. because it's not applicable for everyone who doesn't have an unlimited high speed internet connection which also doesn't have any type of data or speed cap. but for a travelling enthusiast who has unlimited high speed internet.. this is indeed a very good option.. since they can work using any type of device, without worrying about it's hardware capabilities. have a nice day !.
  16. As jerry mentioned... you tried to set shutter speed below 60 while trying to take a dci 59.9p video, which is basically 60 frames per second and thus it require minimum shutter speed of 60. it's not possible for any cameras to have a slower shutter speed than the video frame rate. but if you have any further issues related to the video recording.. please mention, we would gladly help you. have a nice day !. also when you choose "slow motion mode" then you can shoot in 120 fps.. you don't have to shoot in 60fps.... but if you were mentioning about recording video in 60fps and then making it slow motion in post.. then don't choose "slow motion" mode, there is option to record in 60fps dci in regular video resolution settings itself. which you can slow down in post. hope this helps.
  17. I never noticed it until you said !. i never shot in auto mode in xt-30, since it doesn't have a raw option in the "sr auto mode" , i guess just to make it a bit less capable than other camera's for price difference. but x-s 10 has it. also as you said, it automatically focus on the subjects, it likes in full auto mode !. i guess it's one of the few things crippled or limited by software, to differentiate it from x-s10. Anyway, you can switch everything into auto , by individually switching shutter speed, aperture, iso. into auto mode. and then it will be same as auto mode and you can touch to focus . hope this helps !. have a nice day !.
  18. Also it's required for using it as a webcam and that's necessary in today's world and lifestyle. everyone gives that feature to their camera's and x-s10 got it after the user feedback (x-t30 users were among that feedback, but was doing it among the x-s10 thread etc..). so let us all who have a x-t30 as a secondary body or primary body etc... sent feedback (through fujifilm x-t30 thread only, please, always mention the body while sending feedback) , so that the feature is available soon to fujifilm x-t30... also fujifilm x-t30 was very good size and very much suitable to use a webcam too.. so it's unfortunate that it wasn't supported in the first place. well let's send feedback, since fujifilm listen to feedback always, let's hope to see the feature soon, if more users send feedback !. wish you a lucky day ahead !.
  19. As jerry said , please update the firmware !. also while shooting change the "photometry" settings and check the results. have a nice day !.
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