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XT3 turn off and stuck after 30 mins video

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Dear all,

yesterday it happened that after 30 mins of continuous video recording the camera turned off automatically and I needed to extract the battery to turn it on again and as you may imagine it was not so good for a continues registration meeting need.

I read something about the duration limit of a video for this camera and I also saw the count down on the camera screen but personally I thought that the camera, at the countdown end, automatically save the video and starting a new one, without this strange behavior.

If I had to wait the memorization of the video I would have missed even only some seconds of the meeting I wanted to record and it appears to me not professional.

Now of course the situation is even worst: the camera switched off an I lost 30mins of recording, fortunately, I had with me my iPhone 14 Pro which recorded the entire meeting with no hole.

Probably I missed something for my poor experience but it seems to me really strange this behavior from a semi professional camera built especially for video maker.

All comments are really appreciated.

Thank you very much


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