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The new GFX 20-35 F4


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I was wondering if anyone is using the new 20-35 F4 lens, and if so what your opinion of it is.  I'm waiting on B&H to send me a stock notice but I would like to have some user feedback.

And yes, I've read and watched YouTube and other reviews....


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I bought the GF 20-35 a few weeks ago and I am very satisfied.

The sharpness is formidable from edge to edge, the construction rock solid, the balance excellent.

At the same time I also used the GF 23: the performance of the two lenses are similar but the zoom is much more versatile.

In my PHOTO gallery you can see some shots taken with the GF 20-35.

The only flaw is the very high price but still well below, for example, the Hasselblad prices.

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