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GFX 50SII + Zeiss + Pixie Dust


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Does anybody have any experience with adapted lenses that have unique character? What does this mean? Zeiss has a unique characteristic. It's cold, contrasty, fast, and identifiable. Anybody have any experience using zeiss (or other unique) lenses with a GFX? What mount/adapter/lens do you recommend? I'm looking for a "special" normal (35-90mm equiv) lens.


Edit to add examples of other systems' lenses that have that special quality:

Pentax DFA 77: phenomenal rendering and effortless 3D effect

Canon EF 135/2: my all time favorite portrait tele. unique rendering style and unmistakable bokeh character

Zeiss 50 Makro Planar: spectacular rendering. sharp as a tack at f/8, dreamy at 2.8, great subject separation & bokeh translation

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