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Question about Fujifilm X-Pro2 Exposure Comp dial

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Hello everyone, my name is Alex and I am new here and I had a question that I wasn't sure where to ask and I figured that who should I reach out to other than you experts.  I just purchased a used fujifilm x-pro 2 and upon inspection, noticed the exposure comp dial has some pretty good movement up and down.  Is this normal?  I had rented one before and don't remember that being an issue.  It concerns me a bit since this camera was supposed to have less than 900 actuations and to have that kind of movement, along with the couple nicks on the screen and body, makes me wonder if it was dropped.  Any input would be greatly appreciated

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Up and down movement in the EC-dial is certainly not normal. There is a certain amount of 'flex' when you press alternating on either side of the dial, but that should be no more than barely visible. The movement you describe indicates a defect to the sealing and securing mechanism of the dial. This will certainly impact also the weather resistance of the body.

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