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xt3 - ND filter won't fit (xf 18-55)

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Hey all, 

Very new to "actual" cameras, I came from a Mavic 2 Pro which got me into photography, so apologies if i am completely missing something here, but i bought a Hoya ND filter for the xt3's kit lens (18-55). I did my research and bought a 58mm ND filter, as it states the 58 on the front of the lens, but it seems far to small for my lens, there is nothing for it to screw onto. I assumed it would screw on the same as the lens hood, but its just too small. The filter says 58mm on it and i've also put a tape across it to make sure it is 58mm, and it is. I know im being really stupid here and missing something but i cant find anything online, as soon as you type nd filter into any search its just comparisons on youtube or  filters for sale. Any help would be highly appreciated, we've got really heavy rain and i want to slow shutter the life out of every river near me when it stops :)

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    • I’m thinking in the other direction. Considering trading my 18-55 and 85mm f1.8 (Viltrox) for the 16-80. I have a 23 1.4 and a manual 50 1.4, so I think the extra zoom range is better to have than the longer fast prime. Also, I like the 16mm length and don’t have that now....
    • +1  Plug in overnight and you are good to go next day.  You can also buy a second battery and external charger and swap out the batteries when one gets low.  This works well for me when traveling or forgot to recharge.
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    • Have you tried an other SD card?
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