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Eye Sensor won't switch to LCD from EVF


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I was hoping someone may have an idea before I try to reset the camera.


I have always used the Eye Sensor setting and it has worked without issue.


This Christmas I switched to just LCD because I let me wife and mother-in-law take a few pictures. I noticed that the flash stuck (before I handed it to them to use) and would not flip up by itself. I needed to put my fingernail in the gap to help it open. Coincidentally, when I switched it back to Eye Sensor mode, the camera no longer switches to the LCD. It stays on Eye Sensor. Also, EVF + Eye Sensor does not seem to turn off the EVF. I can see into it when I hold it at arms length.


Is there an issue with my camera? I keep it in an ONA bag when not in use and I don't remember it hitting anything and definitely not falling.


I have tried cleaning the sensor, but that did nothing.


BTW, the LCD works fine if I turn it to that setting.





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Check the shooting mode dial. EVF+Eye Sensor only works in S, CL, CH, BKT1, and BKT2 modes. In ADV1, ADV2, Multiple-exposure, and Panorama modes it leaves the EVF on.


No, I have no clue why that is.


However, normal Eye Sensor mode should switch between EVF and LCD in all shooting modes.

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Hi, Hakeem.


I successfully sent in the body for warranty work.


I don't have the work order in front of me, but I remember that they replaced the entire top portion of the camera. I had it back in less than 2 weeks. Maybe 10 days or so.


Camera has been working fine ever since.



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I borrowed a TX-3 from my brother and I couldn't get the LCD screen to work.  He kinda just said "oh that...yeah I don't know whats wrong with that.  I took a good hard look at the thing and realized the little sensor at the bottom of the view finder that the cam uses to tell when your face is there against the camera was packed with dust!  When I dug it out with a Q-tip the display fired right up.  My brother owes me a beer now.

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On 1/18/2024 at 11:52 AM, Archiebald Bunker said:

I had this same issue and tried to insert a thin transparent film between the glass and eyecup, but no luck.

..but blowing compressed air from a can worked. There was no visible dust/dirt in front of the sensor, but maybe there was some dirt between the glass and the eyecup that got blown away.. who knows, but now it works.

omg thanks Archiebald, i cleaned with alcohol and water and whatever i could get my hands on, the glass was super clean but it still did not work. now i blowed on it and voila it works again!! I can not believe it, there really has to be a problem with dirt somewhere between the parts. thanks a bunch.

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