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Firmware Updates: Fuji X-Pro3 / X-T2 / X-A7 / X-Pro1 / X-E1

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Fuji has released a number of firmware updates this week:

Fuji X-Pro 3 Version 1.04 (Download)

  • The phenomenon is fixed that in rare case, the electrical viewfinder display doesn’t work well.

Fuj X-T2 Version 4.31 (Download)

  • Fix of minor bug

Fuji X-A7 Version 1.10 (Download)

  • Addition of the My Menu function. – New Features Guide
    The My Menu function, previously available mainly in high-end models of the X Series, is now available for the X-A7. Up to 16 frequently-used items can be registered with this function so that users can create their original menu that suits their personal preference and shooting style. The feature reduces the effort required to find a specific item from the camera menu, improving your shooting experience.
  • Touchscreen operation for controlling bokeh when shooting in the P Mode.
    The new firmware makes it possible to use a touchscreen operation in Program Shift to adjust aperture values while shooting in the P (Program Auto) mode. This allows easy and intuitive adjustment of bokeh in the P Mode.
  • Even under busy Wi-Fi environment, the connectivity between the application for a smartphone (FUJIFILM Camera Remote) and a camera is improved.
  • Fix of minor bugs

Fuji X-Pro1 Version 3.81 (Download)

  • The phenomenon is fixed that white vignetting in the four corners could occur when used with XF16-80mmF4 R.

Fuji X-E1 Version 2.71 (Download)

  • The phenomenon is fixed that white vignetting in the four corners could occur when used with XF16-80mmF4 R.

Fujinon XF 8-16mm f/2.8 Version 1.01 (Download)

  • Fix of minor bug


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Last night I discovered that updating the XT2 firmware immediately and without waiting to confirm that it was stable was an error ... just beginning the night my camera turned off alone and the red light was on ... even turning off the camera later, there was no way to revive the equipment until the battery is removed ... I'm worried, I had to turn it off and on about 10 times at least throughout the event. Anyone know if I could go back to the previous firmware with which I had no problem in the almost year that I used my computer.

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