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  1. Fuji X-E1 w/ XC16-50OiSII, filmsimulation b&w, ISO800, sharpness+2, tone hi+2, tone lo+1, noise reduction-2, jpg sooc I often use hi ISO and lo NR to enhance grain, when shooting B&W.
  2. midtones a little bit brighter; color: jpg ooc (Vivid)
  3. I just tried this; shutter dial set to "T". No problem at all. Maybe your storage media had low capacity left?
  4. Can you reproduce this effect? (try with lens cap on)?
  5. Instead of going for "exposure compensation", I chose full manual operation (I'm restrained to call it manual "mode", you see...). Why would you chose "exposure comp."? - Most of the times it is when light condition is tricky, for example the main light comes from front direction. Okay: I have noticed in those difficult light conditions, the exposure depends on what you're pointing your camera at. A slight angle upward / downward / left / right and the auto exposure gives very different values. So what I do is - assuming I've chosen the aperture I want and I'm using auto ISO / auto shutter time - I point the camera so that the exposure just feels right, take a photo and read out ISO and shutter values. Now I simply set ISO and shutter to the values just read out. So I'm shooting full manual and get the results I want, independantly of any angle I shoot. Okay, just my 2c.
  6. Congrats. A very fine camera, as I've heard 🎅
  7. this picture taken with my X-E1 (set to velvia) is also jpg straight out of cam, no editing
  8. This picture is jpeg right out of cam (X-T2), with no editing whatever.
  9. My X-T2 has got an even better viewfinder and face detection / eye detection when compared to the X-T1. I've got a portrait shot at ISO 1600 which is fully usable for prints up to 20cm X 30cm. I accidentally shot another portrait at ISO 12.800 and it is usable at 10cm X 15cm. Colors for portraits (Astia) or landscape (Velvia) are very good even on my X-E1. If I had got an X-T1, I would opt at an X-T3 or just wait some years for the X-T4 to come. I myself will wait for the X-H2 as a "second" camera.
  10. X-E1 with Samyang 12mm/2.0, jpg sooc, "velvia"
  11. X-E1, Samyang 12mm/2.0, jpg sooc, "velvia"
  12. Fujifilm X-E1, Samyang 12mm/2.0, jpeg sooc (straight out of cam), "velvia"
  13. fireman1961


    You told a story here and the boy is wonderful in focus of the picture. I like the composition. If you had taken 3 steps to your left and recomposed the frame (boy in the right half), the composition would be even better as now the boy would run into the picture, not out of it.
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