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  2. Lupin fringed stream NZ high country. GFX100s, GF23MM, NiSi filter
  3. Hiking into the National park for three days over Christmas. Taking the GFX100s with the 32-64 & the GF23mm. I’ve never embarked on such a trip with so much photography gear weight. I initially was only going with the zoom, but decided that the chance of a spectacular wide landscape shot was too risky to miss, so both lenses are coming. Took the GF23mm for a test run yesterday. It’s going to be a blast , albeit a slightly heavier one.
  4. Very impressed with the gf23mm. I’m not a fan usually of the 18mm focal range ( the xf18mm was my most hated lens!) But the 23 on the GFX100S is a beautiful combo. 18mm equivalent I don’t think I’d want much wider
  5. I’m reading a number of rave reviews about the 2021 iPad pro, including from a photographer with the GFX50s. anyone tested it with the 100s? I am very tempted. I have currently a dated surface pro notebook, but have a number of Apple product. I’d also love to know how Lr preforms on it. I realise that both the GFX100S and the iPad Pro are extremely new on the market and I’m asking a lot with this question
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