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  1. Buck777

    Dog photography

    Taken with my X100F Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. I’m about to upgrade to the X-H1 from my Xt2. I have read enough reviews and seen enough images coming from it to convince me that it’s a significant step up. I own non OiS lens such as the 90, and the ability to take handheld clear shots as low as 1/5 really is a game changer. I wasn’t interested at first as I’m not into vid, but ibis to me as a still photographer is an advantage. To put the icing on the cake I’m getting the X-H1 and the 16-55mm combo ( Fuji offering a $250 cashback). Interestingly my local small Fuji retailer has sold 17 X-H1’s so far, and sold out of 16-55’s. Last wee
  3. Live in NZ and this is our native owl. Only comes out at night and has a call giving it its name 'morepork' which is what some think it sounds like ! We have two that live and sleep on our farm. Most NZ's have never seen one, only heard it. Took it with my X-T2 50-140 with the 1.4 TC. It's the reason I brought this lens Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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