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    Buck777 got a reaction from SPB in NZ high Country with the GFX100s/GF23MM   
    Very impressed with the gf23mm. I’m not a fan usually of the 18mm focal range ( the xf18mm was my most hated lens!)
    But the 23 on the GFX100S is a beautiful combo. 18mm equivalent I don’t think I’d want much wider 

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    Buck777 got a reaction from Ketsada UNs in Introduce Yourself   
    Hi everyone..I’m back 😂
    Been with Fuji a couple of years ago with the X series and loved it. Decided to try FF so went to the Nikon Z7 and also loved it. Always missed Fuji though as I felt the X series helped me fall in love with photography all over again.
    Now I’m back with the GFX100S. Have to admit it’s kicking me up the bum. Feel like I’m relearning photography all over again! But it’s superb and I feel very privileged to be able to venture into Medium Format..a format that I’ve held with mystical ideas!
    Live in New Zealand, work for the government and run a deer farm just out of Auckland.
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    Buck777 reacted to Trevor R in Laowa 17mm f4 Zero-D in GFX mount   
    Review of Laowa 17mm & Fuji 23mm GF lenses

    First, the Fuji 23mm f/4 GF lens for the GFX cameras is excellent in all respects.  There is very slight vignetting at maximum aperture, but that is to be expected with such a wide-angle lens.

    The 17mm Laowa lens is not in the same league.  No EXIF data on aperture transmitted to the camera, and there is significant vignetting at f/4 and f/5.6, with some vignetting even at f/11 – visible in test pictures of a brick wall, but not obvious in normal photography.  The resolution is good throughout and there is no linear distortion (e.g., barrel or pin-cushion), which is extremely important.

    Contrast and saturation are lower with the Laowa 17mm lens than with the Fuji 23mm lens, but these can easily be corrected in Photoshop.

    With my test pictures of the brick wall, I found that the following Photoshop settings produced an image from the 17mm Laowa lens with characteristics that were very similar to those of the Fuji 23mm GF lens.
    Brightness & Contrast: Brightness: (unchanged) Contrast + 13
    Colour balance: Midtones: +10 (more red, less cyan), 0 (Magenta/Green unchanged), -12 (more yellow, less blue)
    Hue/Saturation: Master: Hue 0 (unchanged), Saturation +38
    Vignetting (at f/11): Filter > Lens Correction > Custom > Vignette: +30 (lighten) Midpoint + 19

    This may sound like a lot of correction, but it could be set up as an action in Photoshop, and it was only really necessary with my test pictures of the brick wall.  With normal pictures, a minor colour correction would produce an image that was a good colour match to images from the 23mm Fuji lens.

    There is a total absence of chromatic aberrations with both lenses, and both of them produce images that have a similar degree of sharpness, with further sharpening not normally necessary.

    The key fact is that the 17mm Laowa lens has an angle of view that is much, much wider than the 23mm Fujinon lens, and it corresponds more closely to the way I see scenes in landscapes and cityscapes.

    Comparisons with so-called 35mm “full format” (36mm × 24mm) is complicated by the fact that the ratios of “35mm” and Fuji GFX images are different (3:2 vs 4:3).  In fact, if we reduce the height of the GFX image to achieve a 3:2 ratio, (approximately 44mm × 29mm), a large amount of the vignetting with the Laowa 17mm image disappears.

    However, the angle of view for the 17mm Laowa is given as 113º, while the angle of view for the 23mm Fujinon is given as 99.9º.  This places the Laowa just slightly wider than the Voigtländer 15mm Super Wide Heliar (110º) on 36×24 format, and slightly narrower than the Voigtländer 12mm Ultra Wide Heliar (121º) on the same format.

    The 99.9º of the 23mm Fujinon is significantly narrower than the 15mm Super Wide Heliar.

    Both Laowa and Fuji give “full frame equivalent” focal lengths, though these are slightly complicated by the difference in format ratios.

    Laowa states that its 17mm GF lens is equivalent to 13.5mm in full frame format, while Fuji states that its 23mm GF lens is equivalent to 18mm in full frame format.  This is of course extremely wide, compared with the wide angle lenses that were available in the film era, when 20mm was generally the widest, and it was not available in all mounts.

    Which lens is “better”?  Technically, the Fujinon, but only the Laowa can give those ultra-wide vistas for landscapes/seascapes/cityscapes, and its technical deficiencies are easily corrected in post-production.  No amount of post-production can give a wider image than that which is given by the 23mm Fujinon (and stitching images taken with wide-angle lenses is extremely difficult without specialist software), so for me, for certain shots, the 17mm Laowa will be the lens of choice.

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    Buck777 got a reaction from plaidshirts in Dog photography   
    Taken with my X100F
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    Buck777 got a reaction from Warwick in Dog photography   
    Taken with my X100F
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    Buck777 reacted to Warwick in Dog photography   
    Samyang fisheye

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    Buck777 got a reaction from dv. in Fuji Birds   
    Live in NZ and this is our native owl. Only comes out at night and has a call giving it its name 'morepork' which is what some think it sounds like ! We have two that live and sleep on our farm. Most NZ's have never seen one, only heard it. Took it with my X-T2 50-140 with the 1.4 TC. It's the reason I brought this lens
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    Buck777 reacted to Tommyboy in Yosemite Deer   
    I stumbled onto these two while visiting the park recently. Shot with an X-Pro2 and a 55 - 200.





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    Buck777 reacted to Enzio in Fuji Birds   
    the red side of life ... 

    XE211167 by Enzio Harpaintner, auf Flickr
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    Buck777 reacted to Trenton Talbot in Fuji Birds   
    Walking in the park with my X100S… spotted this lil fella. 

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    Buck777 reacted to Mike G in New user - previously Canon user   
    I'm pretty sure this lens has an Aperture ring on the lens!
    It is not marked with f stops! Also the lens will have been supplied with a manual!
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    Buck777 reacted to Bud in Fujifilm X-T2 rumors   
    All the talk is nice, but we all know that whatever the next X camera will be, we will all buy it.
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