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  1. I've bought several 7Artisans and Viltrox lensed from another website (Pergear) becaused sometimes the prices are cheaper in their website. One package arrived within a week, and it's been shipped from the US. Another took about 1 month! I think that address is in China. https://www.pergear.com/collections/viltrox
  2. I have the 35mm f/0.95 and loved it a lot. It performed well on my X-T30. And now the 50mm has been launched, looks great, maybe I will buy the 50mm one if it can be cheaper. SPECS: 7 elements in 5 groups 13-blade diaphragm de-clicked aperture (I do not enjoy with the de-clicked aperture, but thinking it will be better for vedio shooting) Price: $200↑ (I’m waiting for the price drop, hope it will drop soon)
  3. https://www.pergear.com/products/ttartisan-17mm-f1-4?_pos=1&_sid=fa8d581b3&_ss=r https://www.venuslens.net/product/laowa-17mm-f18-mft/
  4. I also wanna know the differences between the Laowa 17mm and the Chinese brand TTARTISAN 17mm. I was wondering to buy the cheap TTArtisan 17mm.
  5. Having a clean lens ensures that your pictures will be free of those little dirt specks and other strong artifacts like strange glow and flaring that will alter the quality of your pictures in a negative way. So how you clean your lenses? https://www.pergear.com/blogs/news/how-to-clean-camera-lens
  6. Purchase I ordered my lens from the Pergear because it has discount when I bought it. And I use it most the time with my X-T4. AF The aperture can be adjusted by turning the aperture knob at the bottom of the lens to A. You can use your favorite aperture adjustment method according to your preference. Build quality Build quality is really good. The lens hood is made from metal. It's small and lightweight. Love my new lens. https://pergear.co.jp/products/viltrox-56mm-f1-4-stm-大口径-単焦点レンズ-fujifilm-xマウント-オートフォーカス-ポートレートレンズ
  7. I wanna know where and how did you guys find the best deals for your Fuji camera? I want to buy some grears, and since BF is coming, I really need to know which store/company provides the best deals. I've found some deals site and still want to know if there are better discount in the market? https://www.pergear.com/collections/deal-zone https://www.bhphotovideo.com/black-friday/deals https://www.adorama.com/bf-cameras-lenses/l/
  8. Hi you, I wannna purchase a lens for my Fuji X systerm for portrait photography. Any suggestions? https://www.pergear.com/collections/pergear-lens/products/pergear-35mm https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1451880-REG/meike_mk35f1_4fx_35mm_f1_4_maual_lens.html Thanks, Klaus
  9. There are lots of lens for Fuji, but which is the best choice? Buy saying the best choice, I mean the function, body, price and all the others. Some people can't afford expensive lens, so I wish the price is reasonable. https://www.pergear.com/collections/pergear-lens/products/pergear-50mm-f1-8-manual-focus-prime-fixed-lens-for-sony-e-mount-m4-3-mount-fuji-x-mount-mirrorless-cameras https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1311239-REG/fujifilm_16536611_xf50mmf2_r_wr_mid.html https://www.pergear.com/collections/viltrox/products/viltrox-56mm-f1-4-autofocus-portrait-length-lens
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