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  1. Perhaps you are right Olaf, "more a psychological factor" - I must get out of the habit of thinking a product is better made in Japan than China, if all it amounts to is "place of assembly".
  2. I have heard some are made in China, some in Japan. For the USA it is Japan. I wonder what it will be for Switzerland.
  3. Fully agree with you on this. The small F2 lenses in particular.
  4. This is one thing I would love to have on any of my Fuji cameras! I often use the camera in manual and I often nudge the Exposure Compensation Dial accidentally and even worse don't notice that I have done. A lock on that dial would be my number one 'upgrade' for all 3 Fujifilm cameras I own, as it is a physical thing it is too late for me! However for future cameras ....... please Fujifilm!
  5. Sunrise was shot with X-Pro 3, 16mm 2.8 at 5.6, 1/125th, ISO 640. It has been through Capture 1 V20.
  6. Well as one who considered the Leica M-D, i.e. the one with no screen, I am glad I skipped that and went with the X-Pro 3, which does have a screen. The colours produced with this camera and Classic Neg simulation are sublime. I have the X-T3 and GFX50R as well, used for different times and subjects, but as a walk about camera with the F2/2.8 lenses 16, 23, 35, 50 and 90 I am really happy with my X-Pro-3. Probably I will end up with these two X cameras. I don't know I love the GFX and 50mm 'pancake' lens too.
  7. I will answer my own question. It only works on an iPhone or iPad at least the IOS version. On a Mac it cannot be downloaded, although of course you can go on the same website and see much the same information, all of the links to download the app are not going to work. They just send you to a Preview rather than telling you that the App only works with IOS and Google app services. It would be very good if they put a message on the website wherever they have their 'download our wonderfl app' that it only works on IOS devices and not the Mac!
  8. I have both cameras and regard them as interchangeable for most things. For street I prefer the X-Pro 3. I always hankered after a Leica M-D, but baulked because of a lack of screen. The hidden screen gives me just what I wanted in a street camera, a screen I can look at if and when I feel like it, but not all of the time. With the F2 lenses in particular one has a very discreet and highly capable camera.
  9. If you are going to download a lot of images, I would highly recommend getting a copy of Photo Mechanic 6, very configurable and allows fast import from camera direct or from the SD card in a reader or from a folder. I usually import images from the card in a reader, direct to Photo Mechanic 6, and export from there photos I want to keep into a named folder on an external drive. I edit in either Pictorial or Capture One or Exposure X5.
  10. Well I am excited to visit the House of Photography next time I am in London. So imagine I was pleased to see an app available, so I could learn all about it before I go, when I looked 14th December, 11 days after official opening day,. Great but although it is plastered with ways to 'download the app' I speak of IOS, all that happens is all links take me to a preview of the app, and that's it no app. I see no way to download the app. I find this very disappointing.
  11. Also see this thread "X Pro 3 Blackout when in single frame mode??" and 'Threaded's' excellent short answer to your other issue and my reply. It seems turning Clarity on with a value involves more processing and then the Storing message. These forums are so useful!
  12. Threaded, thank you! So that was it, I changed some settings before going away this last couple days. Clarity + 1 being one of them. So thank you, I just turned it back to 0 and took an image, gone is the message.
  13. More of an observation but it foxed me! (Yes I admit did not read the manual). On my X-T3, the shutter dial locks to my mind logically. If I lock the dial, whatever speed including A, is set and cannot be changed until I unlock the dial. On the X-Pro 3 this is not the case. If I lock the dial in anything but A position, the lock does nothing. If I set shutter dial at position A and press the lock button, then I need to press and hold the lock button to make a change from the A position. When one is used to X-T3 and in fact GFX-50R way this is a bit confusing until one is us
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