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  1. I have noticed that as well, and I always shoot manual mode so I'm not sure the AE-L would mean much, although I imagine it is worth trying.
  2. Love using the XE-3, however I disabled the touchscreen as it was truly annoying. In general I find touchscreens useless. I never use the little flashes built in flashes, so that isn't a big deal to me. In fact I taped down the flash on the XE-2 as I would hit the button from time to time and it would pop up, I was worried about snapping it off. The XE-3 focus is better and the buffer is larger (raw plus jpg) than the XE-2. While I still like the 2 I find it has limitations that modern cameras should not have. Not sure what the complaints with EVF is for people like me with glasses, also a non issue for me.
  3. Until a hands on, I'm not sure how I feel about the touch screen screen. But as to buttons, while it was nice to customize the X-E2's buttons, I do accidentally hit them a lot and unknowingly change setting that I really didn't want to have changed at that moment, so as Florian mention in a comment the removal of buttons looks like a plus to me. I'm in the X-E? world for the light and portable.
  4. Pretty much what is above, improved focus and larger buffer with raw. I too love the X-E1/2/ form factor.
  5. You just answered for me, if anyone has tried them with an X-E2.
  6. Found the reason it wasn't working, the "Drive" setting has to be on single or still, I typically have it set to high speed.
  7. Milandro, I thought the old style cable release, but my thought was holding down the shutter for as a test would be about the same, but maybe not. I probably have an old threaded cable release buried somewhere . . .
  8. The "bulb" setting maxes out at 30 seconds, I tired holding the shutter release to see if it would go over 30, but it doesn't. Is there a way of going beyond a 30 second exposure with the X-E2? I tried remotes plugged into the 1/8 jack but that does nothing beyond the 30 seconds.
  9. You also have to have the drive set to single frame, took me awhile to figure it out. Same with using the hot shoe.
  10. There is such a variety of adapters out there, I'd love suggestions of what anyone has found works well.
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