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  1. I really like the X-H1 apart from it's looks. As a camera, it is ideal for me as it had IBIS and that whisper quiet shutter is a delight! I can now use my 90mm with confidence (had many camera shake problems before) and have used it to take sharp pictures down to 1/10th s. The EVF is lovely, big and bright and the camera is not nearly as big and bulky as I had imagined. For low light work it is a dream. Now if they could make an X-Pro3 have the same features (but not looks), I'd buy one immediately,
  2. It's great that Fuji offer us a good choice of cameras. Differing models to suit the needs and preferences of the variety of people who shoot with Fuji. They can't get it perfect for all people all of the time, but they come pretty close! They focus on image quality and regular updates to firmware and in doing so give us Fuji photographer's a fabulous deal (imho).
  3. I don't think there is one. There are a few LED ring lights (not flash). This is an area where someone "should pick up the ball and run"! Maybe Nissin or Godox will oblige us one day.
  4. Nonesense! This is an ideal camera for photographers! IBIS, rugged build, better viewfinder etc, etc. Just because it's being marketed as ideal for video doesn't mean it is only a video camera. The X-H1 is in fact an ideal camera for people who want to do candid photography (very quiet shutter as well as silent shutter), for those who want to do low light photography (better viewfinder and IBIS) and also for anyone who has struggled to get the best out of the 90mm f2 or 16-55 lenses because of camera shake (IBIS). Personally I can't be bothered with the video side of it and I don't really like the styling (prefer the retro look) but I will get one as soon as I can just because of the IBIS.
  5. For me the two least used features are: 1) IBIS 2) Full frame Oh, wait they don't have these features! That's why I don't use them!!!
  6. I think that Fuji should enjoy greater success than they do. They seem to do almost everything exceptionally well. Nowadays, I shoot Fuji for almost* all my professional work as well as for all of my personal photography. Bravo Fuji! (* = once they deal with the moire issue with the GFX and bring out an 18mm lens, I will be able to shoot exclusively Fuji).
  7. I'm kind of torn with the design of the X-H1. Whereas I welcome this camera I think that the IBIS is most desirable in a "rangefinder" style camera such as the X-Pro2. This is of course my personal preference. IBIS will be a benefit for any camera, regardless of the esthetics. As to the top screen, it not really necessary, whereas a locking function on a X-T2 style exposure compensation dial would have been welcome. I don't mind the design but would prefer for Fuji to stay retro, I like all the dials and knobs.
  8. Fuji GFX 50s & 23mm The Millenium Stone, Derwentwater, Cumbria, UK.
  9. What exposure/ISO settings did you use? Generally something like 20s, wide open at ISO1600 should give you something usable.
  10. Success!!! All it took was using a different site to host some photos! Thanks all for your help. Obviously the choice of website/blog/photo hosting site is quite important.
  11. Looks like it will be a departure from the X-T styling, perhaps an entirely new shape. Quite like the top LCD on my GFX, maybe the X-H1 will be a mini GFX?
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