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Found 6 results

  1. Hello All We have plenty of rumours flying around re the X-T2, X-Pro2 X-E3 (2s) but what about the occosionaly mentioned Monochrome only body? I for one, and I'm sure many others are waiting to hear & then rush out & buy this! Cheers....
  2. This has, no doubt, been asked many times before but what are your major new features wanted for an imaginary X-E3 theoretically showing up after the less imaginary X-Pro2? For myself, it is enough to get a well-made rangefinder but I do hope the sensor has even more dynamic range. Good monitors and print aside, it is better to start with more bit depth than less. It is probably too late to influence development less than two years out but you can still try.
  3. From the album: X-E3

    © (c)Apaisuwan,Samatcha

  4. From the album: X-E3

    © (c)Apaisuwan,Samatcha

  5. I’ve been using Fuji since they introduced the X-E1. Over the years since I have had a number of Fuji bodies and lenses but have settled on an X-T2 and an X-E2s with various prime lenses. I have always found Fuji to be a great system to work with and have earned much of my income from their products. The lineage of each model seemed logical and each new version made progressive improvements such as improved AF or resolution for example. You can tell that the X-E2s is progression from the original X-E1 with nicely thought out additions or upgrades. The X-T2 is such a nice camera and certainly a step up from the X-T1. So far, so good. In my mind at least the line up worked something like X-A cameras for amateurs, casual shooters, etc. The X-T10/20 for the more trendy photographer, someone who liked innovation such as touch screens and blue tooth and the cute look of the camera. The X-E cameras for the expert photographer, the person who liked the rangefinder styling and the smaller size for travelling and discrete photography, a street photographers camera perhaps. the X-T range for the more demanding photographer, someone who wanted a more professional kind of camera in a DSLR style and the X-Pro for the same kind of photographer who preferred a rangefinder kind of camera. I’m probably wildly wrong here but at least it’s a stab at my understanding the lineage of the various Fuji offerings. Then came the X-E3 and messed it all up for me. Here was a camera that looked like an X-E camera but seemed more at home in a X-T20s? In the lineage, instead of a progression, someone seems to have left the logical path and gone off track with this camera. In my mind at least, the X-E3 should have been an upgrade from the X-E2s. Perhaps a X-E2s with the X-T2 sensor and AF but with the XT-20 flippy screen and IBIS. I can see how introducing bluetooth connectivity with a tablet and touch screens would appeal to an X-T20 user perhaps but where is the camera for the X-E1, X-E2 and X-E2s user? I’m trying desperately hard to find the good in the X-E3 and I will try one out but it simply does not appeal to me right now. I feel that Fuji have spoilt a good thing by letting someone introduce trendy features onto something that was historically more traditional. It would be a shame if Fuji lost their vision after all the success they have had to date.
  6. It had started with glances and wonderings at the new and alluring X-Pro1. What man hasn’t stolen a quick look at an attractive new model from time to time … just so long as the camera in your life doesn’t notice (she almost always does)! Then one fateful day a lovely, sleek and attractive X-E1 with a sexy 35/1.4 came into my life. The old DSLR was abandoned without ceremony or regret, my head had been turned, I was now a Fuji man, no doubt! Soon the X-E1 and 35/1.4 became part of a harem, lenses, bodies and flashes were added. A smorgasbord of Fuji! There were X-E2s, an X-T1, X-Pro2s and an X-T2 and a positive orgy of lenses! That brief stolen glance had become a life style, a way of thinking and seeing, an obsession! A 23mm, a 56mm, a 90mm, a 16mm all soon made a home for themselves. Life with a whole heap of Fuji was a ball. A party where there was nothing off limit. As soon as something new came out, I had to have it, but there was also a feeling of dullness, a loss of vision. Was I just becoming a camera collector? Sure I was making a living out of it but was the focus the equipment or the making of pictures? Sure professionals need the right equipment but when I thought back to early days when a Hasselblad with 50mm, 80mm and 150mm lenses and an M6 with 24mm, 35mm and 90mm lenses sufficed, what was I doing? I began to feel cluttered and confused, what was going on? There was simply too much stuff. I needed to rediscover my first love. So they all had to go, the party was over. I needed to clear my head and get a fresh perspective. I’ll be faithful to my X-E2 and just keep f2.0 lenses, yes that’s it, that’s what I’m going to do. I’ll relive those heady romantic days when I wandered freely with a single Fuji in my hands and a few lenses in my bag. I felt so free, so light, so happy. Less is more, embrace the simple life. Then Fuji revealed a bigger model, what was this? The curvy GFX with it’s voluptuous body was in the spot light. She was alluring, promises of performance beyond anything yet experienced but she wasn’t a cheap date! Could I… should I? No, she’s not for me. I can’t afford the cost of allowing her into my life. Does the journey end here? Has Fuji gone in a direction I don’t want to follow? What about all those lovely new optics? What should I do? Oh, no! Then there was mention of an X-E3, would she have a tilt-able (or even an articulated) rear screen? Could there be IBIS? What would she look like, how would she perform … might there also be a 70/2? Oh, no - not this again! Here we go, my name is Chris and I am a cameraholic! For goodness sake, K.I.S.S. make pictures and not camera collections! I’ve stripped down my Fuji stable to the bare basics, just what I actually need and no more. It’s going to be a couple of X-E bodies and a few f2 lenses and nothing more…
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