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  1. @milandro thanks so much! Yes I mean window display. I'll definitely try late in the evening as you proposed although against the street there are other window displays which surely have their impact. I'll try with my background 1,5 x 1,8m Grey Lastolite and also will move it around with camera fixed on tripod (combining the pics later in ps). Another question would be the polarizing filter. Currently using Hamma: https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B00005K4A5/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 with most effective shooting angle 30-40 °. Is it worth to try better one and which one you'd recommend? Attached you can see the terrible output so far. At angle Hamma manages to deal with some of the reflections but such angle is not working for me. Thank again Cheers
  2. Hi, I'm really struggling with reflections that appear from the environment when shooting shop vitrines from outside. I have tried with polarising filter but the result is far below my (and clients) expectation. Of course I have also tried at dusk and it is better although the polarising filter doesn't work at all (logically). I'd really appreciate if you have a suggestion how to eliminate reflections and see trought the window clearly. Thanks a lot! Cheers
  3. I have made a video of my recent design using x-e1 and old mf lens 135mm f2.8 in manual mode... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gd67iCZLCM set the quality to 480p
  4. my Clip cap works good. I have 100% positive customers feedback. The protector is printed in 3D and clips tightly around the original Fuji NP-W126. Here I sell 2 for 13$ http://shpws.me/H29E See how it works on vimeo
  5. Another one with X-E1 + Samyang 8mm + panomaxx. Stitched in Ptgui Check the full HD 360° panorama here http://adphoto.fr/Panorama/Pollionnay/index.html
  6. I've just finished with virtual visit project of luxurious camping car Burstner Elegance. Amazing interior! Bellow a link to html5 (goes great on smart phone/tablet) full 360° tour: http://adphoto.fr/Panorama/tour.html
  7. 1 second is too much.. no way I can shot the darks on shiny day outdoor trigger trap is not a solution
  8. Someone to recommend please a working remote controlled bracketing tool for X-E1 - X-E2 ?? I purchased trigger trap, which is a real trap as requires another purchase of ND filter. Anyway ND is not an option as make the exposition too long and I can't have a nice definition of clouds without blur. Thank you for advising
  9. Nice! ... such lights when only changing the camera mode to astia makes people believe you did tons of photoshop. You have no single pixel waste here
  10. Just in case someone has x-e1 + samyan 8mm and Pano-maxx - The right settings are 38.9 & 66 It took me 5 hours to find the the perfect (or really close to the perfect) measurements. Once calibrated it works great. The shower cabin is the narrowest space - the smaller room the toughest stitching conditions (no time to shine the chrome, sorry)for full 360° panorama.
  11. I've been making tons of full 360 interactive panoramas with panohead and samyang for nikon in the past. Recently I got fuji samyang fisheye and discovered there is no way to do proper panorama by using the panohead... the screw is displaced from the axis of the lens.. Real nuts situation cos these are the latest sunny days around. Have u guys managed to accomplish this with x-e1 already? I would otherwise print in 3d a plate to shift the screw on its ptoper place. Thanks
  12. Hi, My name is Alex Dimitrov from Sofia, Bulgaria- currently living somewhere in the mountains close to Grenoble with my wife and our little boy. I'm self-employed product designer, 3d visualization artist and photographer (architecture and stock). I'm passioned in designing 3D printable accessories (also for my fuji), photographing, image retouching and 3D rendering for architects and designers. I purchased my first camera- D500 in 2010 and later in 2013 instead to upgrade to D800 I suddenly turned toward X-E1 and few lenses. Cheers! design works photography
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