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  1. Hi, In my X-T4 I had to do this before X Acuire "found" my camera: In camera Settings select:Set UpConnection SettingsConnection ModeChange from USB Card Reader to USB RAW CONV./Backup Restore.Then it worked fine to make a Backup of my X-T4 camera settings with X Acuire (from its icon in the taskbar in lower right corner of Windows 10 that I use). Maybe similar problem with Your X-T2 and X Acuire? /Bo
  2. Great it was solved. It seems X-T4 is little "tricky" about SD cards, I have a common problem - I almost always need to insert the SD card(s) twice before Card Read error is is gone (yes I use Fujifilm recommened SD Cards, Sony UHS-II V90). Anyway this is what is said in X-T4 user manual, Troubleshooting section about the error You had (same suggestion for all 3 errors): FOCUS ERROR, LENS CONTROL ERROR or TURN OFF THE CAMERA AND TURN ON AGAIN Explanation: Camera malfunction. Turn the camera off and then on again. If the message persists, contact a Fujifilm dealer. I would have contacted Fujifilm support if the problem had persisted. Have a nice day and I hope Your X-T4 will work fine for You now and in future. I have X-T4 also (I had a lot of trouble with it first and it was a "lemon" and I got a new and it has worked fine). /Bo
  3. Found the cause now. I have a new X-T4 I got as a replacement for a "lemon" earlier this summer. With the new X-T4 I got I had forgot to change in Settings what is needed for X Acuire to "see" the X-T4: In camera Settings select: Set Up Connection Settings Connection Mode Change from USB Card Reader to USB RAW CONV./Backup Restore. Then it worked fine to make a Backup of my X-T4 camera settings. Live and learn (and try to remember...). /Bo
  4. Hi, Problem: Fujifilm "X Acuire" application (for backup/restore of camera settings) do not find my X-T4 camera anymore. I made one backup in the past when my X-T4 camera was new. My X-T4 is recognised by Windows 10, I can see it listed in Explorer in Windows 10, and I can browse files on the SD card in the camera that way. But "X Acuire" application say "No" camera found. I have uninstalled X Acuire and installed it again, and restarted computer but it did not help. Any advice? Is it any other application then X Acuire I can use to backup and restore camera settings? regards, Bo
  5. Hi Emerald, I'm sure You will love the X-T4, with suitable lens(es) for the kind of photos you need/want to take. I have X-T4 also (with lens XF 16-80mm F4 R OIS WR). It really helped me to learn the camera settings properly and set things for as optimal usage for the kind of photo I take. As with all cameras also X-T4 has some cons but the pros are so many. Have fun! /Bo
  6. I can adjust Shutter speed with rear right dial. I have set it in menu settings I want to adjust shutter speed on that "wheel" (to right decrease value, to left increase value). On front wheel on right side on X-T4 I can adjust ISO (also Apperture and value on that wheel, just cklick on the wheel and then rotate to select between them and confirm with click on wheel, select desired value. I mostly use manual settings for SS (Shutter Speed), ISO and Apereture ("F"). I have the right horizintal dial for shutter speed on top of X-T4 set to "T" (the little white dot is towards T) and then has that locked with press on top button so the dial is locked. Try read the X-T4 user manual some to get You on the right track to solve the problem that is with Your camera now that You can not select higher Shutter Speed (SS) then 125. Check in the camera Settings: SET UP BUTTOM/DIAL SETTINGS COMMAND DAIL SETTINGS Check what is assigned for the rear right dial (wheel).
  7. Damn, I have two Sony Tough SF-G64T and two SF-G128T cards that all start with TV... on last row and no * sign either on the cards. I will have to contact Sony. I do not like really to send these tiny cards via mail, the cards are so damn expensive, and if they are lost in shipment it will not be cheap for me. /Bo
  8. bem

    IBIS vs Lens OIS

    If You have a lens with OIS that has not on/off switch on the lens - what then? Like the lens XF 16-80mm F4 R OIS WR (that I have), it has no OIS on/off switch on the side, it is set in the camera Settings menu only to turn OIS on/off for video mode, Movie Setting:, IS Mode: IBIS/OIS (I have that selected) or IBIS/OIS +DIS or Off There is also IS Mode Boost that can be set to On (or Off) (I have it set to Boost.) For Still (photo) mode it is in camera menu Shooting Setting, IS Mode: Continous (I have that selected) Shooting only Off So for Video it seems it is is both IBIS and OIS in ise but for Still (photo) it is IS Mode Continous I use - is it both IBIS and OIS then? Thanks for clarification. Bo
  9. Update: So far the new Haoge LH-X18 square metal lens hood has not deattached while out in the terrain. So it is probably safe to draw the conclusion that it will not deattach by itself like the original round lens hood for X-T4 did several times out in the terrain for me. Here are two photos with my Haoge LH-X18 square metal lens hood attached, I was too lazy to deattach the battry grip, I do not use the grip that often and never out in the terrain. /Bo
  10. So far my new Haoge LH-X18 square metal lens hood has not deattached while out in the terrain. Knock on wood... /Bo
  11. Same factory September 1 2020 in daylight. The breadfactory front facade is huge, as You can se in below photo. I have been up on the roof once when I had summer job during high school period, I think it was in 1977 I was up on the factory roof. It was magnificent view to watch my hometown here in Sweden from about 50 meter (160-170 ft) above the ground. It is a viewpoint on the roof up to the left where it is a flagpole. In the photo I took with my X-T4 camera they had just cleaned (almost finished) the facade with help of the crane You can see in the photo below. /Bo
  12. OK, I see, I'm rather new to Fujifilm so I do not know so much about this brand and their products really. But so far I like my X-T4 but I had a "lemon" to start with but got a new from the reseller. /Bo
  13. No, I have not. I just use this forum for Fujifilm info, it is enough for me, for info about my X-T4 camera and the lens I use. I will check out the link You provided, mdm. This new lens is said to be good to use working in low light conditions. Maybe something for me since I'm often out in afternoon and evenings with my X-T4 when light conditions are not so good. I will read more about this lens to find out if it could be for me or not. My present (only) lens XF 16-80mm F4 R OIS WR is OK but in lower light conditions it is not so good I have noticed. With flash it is great but one can not always use that. The XF 50mm F1.0 R WR has a weight of 845 gram, my XF 16-80mm F4 R OIS WR weight 440 gram. No OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) in the lens on XF 50mm F1.0 R WR, but the X-T4 camera I have has OIS. So maybe that is enough and not so big disadvantage then to use a non OIS lens? /Bo
  14. I had a single Sony Tough SF-G64T SD card initially alone in slot 1 and formatted it in camera in slot 1. Later I bought two Sony SF-G128T that I had in backup so one was in slot 1 and one in slot 2. Both cards was formatted in the camera. It seems not to matter if I use one or two cards in the slots. It is not a big problem but it should not be like this with high quality SD card like the Sony Tough cards. Once the card is recogniced, always on second insert of the SD card in a X-T4 slot, it works then perfectly. I think I can live with it. The cards has not been used that much, I have filled up the 64 GB card but the 128GB cards has still pleny of free space left. I have a HP Zbook laptop with Win 10 so no MacBook in use here. I have the latest firmware for both X-T4 camera (ver. 1.03) and lens XF16-80mm F4 R OIS WR (ver. 1.05). Thanks for the answer, Herco.
  15. Hi, New lens XF 50mm F1.0 R WR, "launch" late September 2020. When it is possible to buy I have not a clue. It has a rather hefty recommended price tag (that I have read info about from a Photo Magazine in my country). - Large diameter mid telephoto prime lens. - World's first Autofocus capable F1.0 interchangeable lens for mirrorless digital cameras. Etc. Source and more info: https://www.fujifilm.com/news/n200903_01.html /Bo
  16. Hi all, I have noticed as soon as I take any of my SD cards out (for file transfer to my laptop in the laptop SD card slot) and then later insert the SD card in the X-T4 SD card slot it is almost always this message in X-T4 when I turn it on: CARD ERROR I take the SD card out of the slot in my X-T4 and insert it again and the error is gone next time I turn the camera on. Little annoying, not a big problem since I know the workaround now. Just curious, any others out there that has same problem? The SD cards I use is on the Fujifilm recommended list of SD cards. No other problems with my three SD cards I have. It is Sony Tough SF-G64T and SF-G128T (both V90) that I use. /Bo
  17. That is correct, I have that lens. Screenshot for Photo (Still) mode below. I have not seen any settings that can enable camera OIS or lens OIS, it will be on (or off) in both if both camera and lens (as in this case) support OIS. If the lens do not support IOS the X-T4 camera OIS can be enabled by the Camera Shooting IS Mode setting. But watch this video so You know the limitations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8f9KSfm71JI /Bo
  18. Hi, I have got the Haoge LH-X18 square metal lens hood now. It seems OK but the plastic cover is little "sharp" in the edges so I will need to smooth it little with fine wet sandpaper. Since it is square it will probably be easier to get stuck in various tree branches and such out in the woods compared to a round lens hood. I think a round metal lens hood had been better. It is hard to imagine the Haoge LH-X18 square metal lens hood will come loose by itself, but usage will tell. I have not been out in the woods yet (I got the Haoge LH-X18 yesterday). I will report back later when I have used it more outdoors. /Bo
  19. Thanks for the hint. I will keep this in mind if I need to use it. /Bo
  20. I have ordered a Haoge LH-X18 square metal lens hood now from amazon in UK. It was a review on this lens hood saying it had fallen off for one user so maybe it is similar problem with this one. I take a chance. Maybe it will be OK and stay on the lens tip on my XF 16-80mm F4 R OIS WR lens. /Bo
  21. Hi, If I for example walk in the woods with the camera on the sholder and the lens hood is attached, then if I happen to touch some branch, when I walk, the lens hood very easily is deattached. My solution so far is to not have the lens hood mounted and have it in my pocket until I plan to take some photos. I just prefer to have it mounted ready for use... The lens hood snap in place correct, I'm sure, but despite that it is too easy deattached by rather light touches out in the woods. /Bo
  22. Hi, I have Fujifilm X-T4 with lens XF 16-80mm F4 R OIS WR. When I have the lens hood attached I have noticed it rather easily deattaches by itself when I walk with the camera, with the camera sling strap on and I carry the camera on the shoulder. The lens hood has so far deattached by itself two times and both times I have noticed it. Any trick to have the lens hood fastened better? Or any lens hood that "lock" and do not unscrew/deattach by itself when touching the lens hood out in the terrain? regards, Bo
  23. Argysh, Thanks for the answer. I have not tried anything since I posted my question in August 1 2020. I checked the setting today and it was for Connection Mode set to USB Card. I connected my X-T4 via USB cable to my laptop and turned my X-T4 on and checked in Explorer and now it was displayed correctly so I could see the files directly on the SD card while it sat in the camera. I have not a clue why it worked today. But since I'm used now to take the SD card out of the camera SD card slot and insert it to my laptop built in SD card slot I may continue with that. It is much faster transfer of RAF files this way. /Bo
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