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  1. For the 15th year in a row, I just completed shooting the students of the Josette Picard Dance School here near Montreal. I have to deliver over one thousand 8" X 10" photos. This is an out of ordinary gig for me as I shoot mostly products for advertisement... Despite not framing too tight, I still ended up needing to extend the canvas for several of them, in order to crop from the standard 3:2 aspect ratio to 5:4. I miss the 5:4 aspect ratio option that was available on my Nikon bodies (D4 & D800e) which I lost since I switched to Fuji... I hope that someday Fujifilm will be adding this 5:4 aspect ratio that coincides to most picture packages for schools, where 8" X 10" is by far the most popular enlargement size... Michel J. (All attached pictures in the 5:4 ratio)
  2. Back in April, I received what I believe was the first L Plate Kirk Enterprises delivered for the X-H1. It is an object of beauty, with some great features such has a small Allen Key (supplied) holder under the long side of the plate which also has a place to attach a Peak Design Anchor Link. I also appreciate the perfect clearance there is in between the short side of the plate and the camera, to allow easy opening of the connector door. Pricey but well worth it !
  3. Thank you Fuji for providing us a real nice firmware upgrade with many very useful features... I am particularly happy of the AE bracketing set that can be expanded from 3 to 9 frames ! One feature that I think could have been implemented better somehow is ISO Auto where the "Auto" setting for the Minimum Shutter Speed should allow for configuring a multiplier of the resulting speed, like Nikon does. Example : with a 50mm focal length and selecting a +2 multiplier, the camera would shoot at 1/100 of a second. Perhaps an option set for a multiplier of the min. shutter speed such as "-4, -2, 0, +2, +4," would be just fine and expand the usability of the ISO Auto feature even more. I shoot many dancing shows and while a shutter speed based on the inverse of the focal length will normally prevent blurriness from camera shake, it is often not sufficient to freeze a moving subject... Also, for photographers who have to deliver thousands of 8 x 10 prints (schools, sporting events etc.), it would be very much appreciated to have at least some guides (gridlines) in the viewfinder to show the corresponding 4 x 5 area in which we need to compose. Ultimately, if we could save our files in that 4 x 5 ratio, that would be perfect! Thanks again, Michel Jarry
  4. Read the book ! The X Acquire Icon appears in the Task Bar.
  5. I just installed the 2017-02-28 release of Fujifilm X Acquire on both my PC and Macbook and connected my X-T2 via USB-3 after having selected USB Auto as a PC Shoot Mode in the camera's setup menu. Then, when clicking on the X Acquire application to launch it, nothing happens. I tried with both my PC and Mac... Anyone knows what's wrong ? Michel
  6. Please ignore previous post I just found out that the option "Send opened files to..." under the File menu was set to : "Batch Window" rather than "Editing Window"...
  7. I am doing some commercial work involving Focus Stacking where I am developing my RAW files with Iridient. Everything was working perfectly but all of a sudden, when sending files to Iridient via LR or when opening them directly from the Iridient Open File Dialog, the Job Queue gets populated and processed with the file(s) that I just opened, without having thumbnail(s) for any of them at the bottom of the screen or having any image displayed for adjustments. The tool bar at the top has disappeared also and just about all the options under the View menu are greyed out... Some help would be most appreciated as I am on a tight schedule to produce those product shots... Michel Jarry
  8. I know that the Canon cable works; have you found another brand ? Michel
  9. I bought the EF-X500 flash and I like its ergonomics, robustness, power and feature set. Like many, I would have preferred R/F wireless TTL but it simply was not designed that way and we'll just have to live with IR, unless someday, Pocket Wizard... There are two items that IMHO are missing in order for Fuji to have a complete Off-Camera Flash offering: 1- A genuine Fuji TTL extension cord for being able to use a single flash with a near camera umbrella or soft box or with flash brackets such as this RRS WPF-QR2: 2- A TTL wireless flash controller similar to the Nikon SU-800, hopefully smaller, lighter and cheaper, which would not require us to get an extra EF-X500 just for acting as a controller. I know that the Canon Extension Cord will work but still... Anyone agrees ? Season's Greetings, Michel
  10. With both "AE & AF ON/Off SWITCH" and "Interlock Spot AE & Focus Area" selected, the exposure reading I do using spot meter gets locked when I press AE-L, as expected. My problem is that the locked AE clears out when I review the picture I just took, requiring to start the reading and AE lock all over again... This capability to have AE Lock persists until the AE-L button is depressed again or until the camera enters sleep mode is precious in situations like photographing stage shows where the lighting will often change and be challenging sometimes (i.e. strongly backlight subjects)... That's something that could perhaps be addressed by firmware? Michel Jarry
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