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  1. Check out this update from FUJI---- https://www.fujirumors.com/fujifilm-x-t4-x-pro3-and-x-e4-firmware-flawed-and-removed-from-fujifilms-website/
  2. Date: 2021 June 30 — I have two X-T4s — one about 14 months old, the second about 5 months old (with 70-300 — fantastic lens). Yesterday I updated the firmware to 1.21. Last evening, I took one of my X-T4s to a baseball game and for the VERY FIRST TIME EVER I experienced frequent lockdowns or freezes. After taking a photo, the LCD would go black, the orange data transfer light would come on and stay on. Switching the camera on and off made no difference. The only solution was to remove and reinstall the battery. The camera would then work properly for a few more frames and then repeat the lockdown process again. That probably happened 6 or 8 times last night in an hour. This morning I repeated that scenario about 5 times. It has been suggested that the problem is related to SD cards; I had the same problem with different Lexar cards that have never failed. So it doesn't seem to be related to SD cards. Unfortunately, the defect appears intermittent; i.e., I cannot recreate the failure upon command. I have noted on Fuji-Form that a lot of people have reported similar behavior for X-T4s, but not X-T3s. Have you seen this problem in your X-T4? Do you know if the problem is unique to specific cameras or to specific versions of firmware? Do you know if Fuji is aware of the issue? Do you know if they are working on the problem? In a word, this is now a major pain in the butt. Tom Carroll Davidson, North Carolina
  3. What is the best (i.e., most reliable) aftermarket duel battery charger with 2-pack of X-T4 batteries? I've seen several but don't know if one brand is better than another. Any thoughts?
  4. I would tend not to worry about it unless it buggers up your photography. Fuji has a similar banging and clanging around inside their 80mm macro lens when it is rotated along the y-axis either on or off the camera. Slightly unsettling but more of a design feature than a problem. I certainly don't plan to send my X-T4 back until I have a problem. And this ain't a problem ---- yet.
  5. I can duplicate the above results. Seems odd but doesn't seem to be a problem.
  6. I had the same problem on X-T4. Clarity = 0 no problem --- clarity <> 0 problem. I have had the same problem for a couple months with X100V. --- same solution ---- no clarity --- no problem. They ought to get that fixed.
  7. Are there any thought when we might see the Fuji XF 70-300mm lens on the streets? Could be a big seller coupled with the XF 16-80mm lens.
  8. Fuji needs to correct the long-standing firmware blunder in the X-T1, X-T2, and X-T3. Namely, the cameras reset the self-timer EACH time the cameras go to sleep or are turned off. This is a major pain for tripod shooters. Fuji could easily correct this firmware blunder by providing a menu option for the self-timer to RESET or NO RESET (e.g., like Sony). Come on, Fuji, let's fix this blunder.
  9. You can change card selection using the menu in the VIEW IMAGE mode.
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