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  1. Karwendel Mountains - small lake (Bavaria) Flickr
  2. The last sun light at Volcano Teide Flickr
  3. Big waves in Punta Brava Flickr
  4. Quiet water (Tenerife) Flickr
  5. The blue hour begins Flickr
  6. Last sun light at volcano Teide (3718m), Tenerife Flickr
  7. Sunsets - let me get this started Sunset in El Socorro, Tenerife Flickr
  8. The 12mm f2.0 ROKINON (Samyang) is the ideal lens for astro-photography. With large open aperture and shutter speeds between 25-30 seconds at ISO 1600 you achieve great results. I like the lens and bought it specially for the night and astrophotography. Moon light Flickr Volcano Teide, Tenerife
  9. JuergenK


    After thunderstorm Flickr
  10. Nice back view Flickr
  11. Race grid - Porsche Carrera Cup Flickr Final race, Hockenheim (Germany)
  12. My dream, sunset in El Socorro, Tenerife on Flickr
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