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GPS tracking in the field with Fuji

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I'm new at this forum. I can't find topics about GPS when using the top search field. So if there are, please excuse me for this question and help me to find those topics.

I'm currently using Nikon gear for my travel. I am considering switching to Fuji for that.

One of the issues I have with Fuji is the possibilities of GPS tracking. For Nikon I use the GP-1 GPS unit connected to my main camera. That gives me a very accurate trail of GPS locations in all of my images from that camera. Especially when I'm shooting in nature reserves I like to know my location at the time of shooting. 

As far as I am aware of now, Fuji does not have such a unit like the Nikon GPS or support one. There is a possibility to get a GPS connection from your smartphone but as far as I recall that's not on a regular base.

So I tried to use a GPS-app (GeotagPhotos2) on my iPhone and merge the GPS data later on in Lightroom. The merging part worked flawlessly but I was really disappointed by the sloppy accuracy of the iPhone.

How do you Fuji users get accurate GPS data in your files?


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Have not read the manual? X-t3 For example has bluetoth and wireless to connect permanently to your phone and with applicaton software cam remote by fujifilm installed in your phone, when you take a picture, the camera records also GPS coordinates

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