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XF2X TC teleconverter problem/question

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Hello XFFs 


I use a Fuji X-T2 and I've had the 50-140 2.8 for a couple years and love it.    I recently picked up a used copy of the XF2X TC teleconverter over an internet transaction.   It arrived today, I popped it on the body, mounted the 50-140 and when I turned it on, the LCD started flashing and the camera was clicking.  


I was disappointed until I remembered that the 50-140 needed a firmware update to operatewith with the TC, so I downloaded and applied the update (1.00 -> 1.21)  to the 50-140 lens but the problem persists!  In my head I vaguely remember there might have been a need to apply the firmware updates in a certain order, but I'm not sure and web searches have not been helpful. 


Did I get screwed on a dud TC by an internet scoundrel? Or am I just missing something obvious? 



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Glad I read this.  I have the 50-140 Zoom which I love, and have been looking for a pre-owned 1.4 TC but have found none for sale (although I've only been looking for a few weeks).  After reading this I think I'll bite the bullet and buy the TC new.  I assume that few that own the 1.4 TC part with it.  I've heard mixed reviews about the 2.0 TC with either the 100-400 or the 50-140 and the 1.4 TC seems to get unqualified great reviews from those that use it.

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