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  1. Try this: Press and hold MENU/OK down to unlock the buttons.
  2. I have just dreamed up a workflow that will save me incredible amounts of time shooting sports or concerts -- but it relies on me being able to quickly create custom folders on my Memory card. I know my X-T2 can do this in the "Save Data Set-Up > Select Folder " option, but that is very clunky to get to. I was super excited to map that to one of the custom buttons but I see now that is not possible! So I thought I would ask folks here: Is there any trick to getting "Save Data Set-Up" assigned to custom button? Or in one of the custom setting C1-7s? If your life depended on it, what is the fastest way to get to that setting? -Mick
  3. Confirmed this is the case -- on very close inspection, one of the connector pins is slack. But the seller agreed to return/refund. Whew!! Thanks for replying!
  4. Hello XFFs I use a Fuji X-T2 and I've had the 50-140 2.8 for a couple years and love it. I recently picked up a used copy of the XF2X TC teleconverter over an internet transaction. It arrived today, I popped it on the body, mounted the 50-140 and when I turned it on, the LCD started flashing and the camera was clicking. I was disappointed until I remembered that the 50-140 needed a firmware update to operatewith with the TC, so I downloaded and applied the update (1.00 -> 1.21) to the 50-140 lens but the problem persists! In my head I vaguely remember there might have been a need to apply the firmware updates in a certain order, but I'm not sure and web searches have not been helpful. Did I get screwed on a dud TC by an internet scoundrel? Or am I just missing something obvious? -Mick
  5. Also I wanted to say that I got a second Zonlai 25mm 1.8 in black that came with a hood. The quality was pretty much identical as far as I can tell. Still a favorite lens of mine almost 1 year later.
  6. I noticed that the Amazon listing for the 16-55mm now says "This item has not yet been released. You may pre-order it now and we will deliver it to you when it arrives." IS there a new version out?
  7. I got the STANDARD Taab and it fits snugly but accurately on the Zonlai I am not affiliated with them https://www.lenstab.com/product/taab-standard/
  8. This is done with guitars as well. These fellows will "relic" your guitar for you. It's a whole process, with interviews, style of music, using strong UV light and everything. One guy even makes guitars SMELL old. http://www.reliced.com/relicing-process/ http://www.guitarrelicing.com/#!about-relicing/c42f You could be the "Camera Relicer" Learn the art, make a fortune! (Maybe) :-)
  9. Good Q I have never gone ahead and tested any lens zone focusing. Not sure the easiest way to do that. Might need to find an American football field.
  10. When FujiRumors linked to the Zonlai 25mm, I was quite intrigued. I know there are fantastic 23mm lenses out there, but the small size (and small price) of the Zonlai made me want to try it. So I picked one up. I have to say I'm hooked. My favorite lens on my XE2 is a Voigtlander 35mm 1.4 -- but it is just a tad constricting for my style. I prefer something wider. Hence the 25mm made me perk up I added a focus tab to it, which really makes it feel like the VL in terms of manual focusing. There are no clicks for the f-stops, though. I'm not too put off by that, but i know some would be. The build quality seems sturdy to me. I like that there is a depth-of-field scale, though the lens tab is covering it now. Yes there is vignetting, yes some distortion, but nothing that bothers me personally for what I like to take pictures of. These samples are from my first walkaround -- processed a bit much on the iPad, I guess. :-) I just wanted to show what I am getting from the lens.
  11. I use the Eyefi Mobi Pro 32GB card with X Pro-1 all the time. But I only use it to transfer JPGs to iPad, not Raw to Desktop. I can say that I do not think it kills battery life. If I were to use it to do "tethered" shooting, I would still only transfer the JPGs wirelessly and rate/cull those, and then download the Raws later and match them up. If you would like a specific test done, I could possibly whip something up. -Mick
  12. I was wondering if having a section of the forum for announcing local Fuji user groups might be a good idea? For example, there is a new UG in Portland Oregon, with a meetup tonight: https://www.facebook.com/groups/443538202517063/ Fuji users unite! (and drink beer) (if legally allowed to do so) -Mick
  13. I love my XPro1 so much. I love the balance with a smallish prime lens. (So much so that I removed the grip) But, I am sick of changing lenses and can't afford the 16-55 2.8. (And it would not feel right on the camera anyway.) So if I see another XPro1 for ~$400 I may get it. Not sure. My head says wait for XPro2. I will need that $400 and more. Keep saving. Ok you've convinced me. I'm gonna keep saving up for XPro2. ... Or maybe I need an XT-1 for the zoom lenses..... Help!
  14. Part of the frustration is that it was demonstrated to have been implemented on the x100s and then not released. So from where we sit, it feels like the work has already been done and that it is a marketing decision, not a product decision.
  15. I'm sure this is already fait accompli, but I just want wifi control and a built in intervalometer. The Samyang 12MM f2 is such a fantastic star photography lens, that I want to do timelapses with it. I may get a used XE2 one of these days as prices come down, but I am trying to save all those pennies for XPro2. :-) I want a tilt screen, but if it adds bulk, then I'd say no and leave that for the ersatz SLR-form XT bodies. I would not want an extra few mm of bulk for a tiltscreen. -Mick
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