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This would be appreciated by several pro photographers

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For the 15th year in a row, I just completed shooting the students of the Josette Picard Dance School here near Montreal. I have to deliver over one thousand 8" X 10" photos. This is an out of ordinary gig for me as I shoot mostly products for advertisement...


Despite not framing too tight, I still ended up needing to extend the canvas for several of them, in order to crop from the standard 3:2 aspect ratio to 5:4. I miss the 5:4 aspect ratio option that was available on my Nikon bodies (D4 & D800e) which I lost since I switched to Fuji...


I hope that someday Fujifilm will be adding this 5:4 aspect ratio that coincides to most picture packages for schools, where 8" X 10" is by far the most popular enlargement size...


Michel J.


(All attached pictures in the 5:4 ratio)




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Let me respectfully disagree.  In my view it is always the photographer who is responsible for knowing how any given camera sees and adjusting the framing to compensate for the particular use-case of the images.  I've been doing this for 50 years with all kinds of different "formats" of film and sensors.  Once upon a time almost all "commercial uses" revolved around a 4:3 aspect ratio.  With the ubiquity of the 35mm format (2:3) things have evolved over time so that many commercial uses are now 3:2 or even wider aspect ratios.  Learning to "see aspect ratios" in the viewfinder, no matter what its native ratio is a valuable skill for professionals.


Or you could just buy a GFX!  :D



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Interesting, but as above I now only offer 3:2 ration enlargements - and my most popular with schools in 9x6. The only issue I see is many of the cheap "home-store" shops have vast amounts of their own 10x8 frames to get rid of!


You could offer an 8x12  ;)

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