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X-Pro 1 Optical Viewfinder Noise

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I've just bought a X-Pro 1 and am enjoying the experience.  It means I have another body to use my smaller primes with while my X-T5 has zooms attached – at the moment, at least.  But when I attach my XF 16 ƒ2.8 the viewfinder switches over to the other magnification with quite a noise.  It sounds fine, but is it supposed to be quite so loud with the camera to my eye?  Since it is such an old body I'm concerned at the wear that might have taken place and at how long the system might last.

Anyone else with this camera who can put a wideangle on to listen to the noise? 

In the meantime here is a shot from London last week – the distortion of the Speaker's House (Palace of Westminster) comes from the use of the Sigma 10-18 ƒ2.8, distortion that I didn't want to correct in Capture One Pro as I would have lost too much of the photo.

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    • Thanks. I initialized the camera and went ahead and entered all my settings again. Things seems to be working ok, now.
    • Do you have a Custom Setting Selected? https://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/x-t5/menu_shooting/image_quality_setting/#select_custom_setting If so then you need to edit that custom setting to remove the functions you don't want https://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/x-t5/menu_shooting/image_quality_setting/#edit-save_custom_setting As an alternative you can enable Auto Update Custom Setting and then any changes you make will be remembered when the camera is turned off https://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/x-t5/menu_shooting/image_quality_setting/#auto_update_custom_setting
    • Just got a new XT-5 which I upgraded to from the x100v. Have also used XT-3 and xPro-3, so am fairly familiar with the X series. The XT-5 is very nice… and a little perplexing. I turn off the face detection setting as well as interlock spot AE & focusing area because I don’t want to use those features. I turn the camera off, turn it back on, and, lo and behold, both those features are back on. Gremlins? Latest firmware up grade? I am at a loss. My BW film recipe has the two features turned off when I scroll through them on my Q saved menu items.  Any insight is appreciated and thanks.
    • I believe the only way to do this with the X100S is to switch the autofocus button to MF and use the AFL/AEL button. The X100S doesn't have the option for back button focus in AF mode like more recent X series camera models.
    • I don't think its possible - you could do the opposite (keep it on) with some tape - but not sure there is a way to keep it off (although like Jerryy says - it would certainly chew through the battery even if you could)
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