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Dilemma with lens


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Hi everyone, I have to many lens on the wide spectrum and need to sale some. The only problem i like them all.

I have the 10-24, 14 mm, 16mm, 18-55, the 23 mm 1.4 and the 35 mm 1.4.I have also the 90mm and thinking to get the 80 mm

I shot landscape, street, peoples, flowers.


Any sugestions

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Hi Claude

It's possible you have the same issue I had, which is to choose between prime or zoom lenses.

If you take your zooms out, you have a great prime collection.

If you take out the wide prime lenses, you are completely covered by the zooms.

I was in the same situation, and I never knew which lens to use.


As far as the 80mm, it's a wonderful lens, and I sold my 90 because it doesn't get any use anymore, despite being, up to now, my favorite.



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I strongly prefer prime lenses, which is reflected in my lineup: 16mm, 23mm, and 35mm in f/1.4 versions, 56mm, and 55-200mm. If you're not quite sure about whether you have a strong preference for zooms or primes I would consider selling the 90mm, 10-24mm, and 16mm. Then buy the 80mm and a used 55-200mm. 


I would never go without the 23mm and 35mm primes, they're simply too good and too versatile, but are different enough to be meaningful. On the wide end I think that the 10-24mm, 14mm, and 16mm are a bit close together. When I had the 10-24mm I found that I was mostly using it at 10mm or 24mm, but my best images with it consistently came from the 14-18mm range so I sold it and kept my 16mm. I would pick one of them and sell the others.


Having one wide lens, 23mm & 35mm primes, the 18-55mm, and a macro is a pretty good lineup for most situations and you don't have to go all-in on zooms or primes. Adding a used 55-200mm on top of that really rounds things out. Even though there is some overlap between the primes and zoom, that gives you a lot of options for 2 or 3 lens combinations depending on the situation. 

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