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Bag for s africa trip

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hey all...i'm planning for my s. african safari trip...and I don't think I own a suitable bag.  I will likely be bringing the following:


xt2 body

xt1 body


18-135 or 18-55

not sure bout 10-24


27mm 2.8

6-8 batteries



canon s120


small tripod maybe



I realise this seems like a lot of stuff...I'd like to go as small a bag as possible...likely a backpack.


Any advice?




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I'm sorry no one has given you an answer.  When I was in Africa, I had 2 bags.  You can get everything except the tripod and the big 100-400 in a small backpack.  I saved the big guy for when I was in a jeep.  If I got out, I just used the handheld items and left the 100-400 behind.  As for backpacks, I gave up on the ones made for camera equipment.  They are too big for mirrorless and I like to travel as light as I can, especially in Africa where we walked for miles.  The animals were so close I didn't need a tele.  Nylon packs are often padded and have lots of pockets for batteries, etc.  I can even stick primes in the pockets.  I would take the 10-24 as there were some huge vistas of rock formations that needed a wide lens.

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