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  1. Mike G, I agree completely. I love my new X-H1. My T2 is now on permanent loan to a friend. T3 will have to be something really special to make me buy it. I can't imagine what they could add that would make me want it.
  2. I just read this and it made me laugh as you've come to exactly where I am in gear. I'm in Thailand now and 2 weeks ago I bought the 16-55 in Hong Kong. I haven't had it off my camera since I opened the box. I thought I'd miss the longer length but I haven't. And I thought the heavy lens would bother me but it's so sharp that it's worth the weight. I use the 35 f1.4 sometimes, but the 16-55 is my new favorite. And I also travel with the 56 in case I have to do a portrait of somebody. As for a bag, I bought a small nylon crossbody that wasn't made for camera equipment and it works very well.
  3. Thank you, Rand47. You can change the big numbers in the submenu, but not those little ones. I tried turning off the exposure lock but it made no difference. Odd is that they show those letters in the drawing of the submenu in the manual but don't tell what they are. And the grayed-out menus are in the book but it says nothing about how to access them. I'm still hoping that someone will make a chart of the Fuji menus. "This is grayed-out because the xx is on or off." Just my fantasy.
  4. I just got my X-H1 and love it. However, there are some things I can't figure out. In the sub monitor, there are letters on the left, EL and AFL. They seem to refer to movie and still mode, but what do they stand for? Under Mount Adapter Setting, how do you access the 3 grayed-out choices?
  5. cale33


    Mike G, thank you so much for your quick reply. I'm on a 4-month-long cruise right now and we get to Hong Kong on the 19th. As I do every year, I'll be going up to Wing Shing and purchasing a piece of Fujifilm equipment. This year it'll be the X-H1. I'm very excited about it as my T2 screwed up last summer in Russia and hasn't been the same since. I've been using my backup, my Pro2. I had no idea it was such a good camera! I miss the flip screen and the AF Mode of All, but otherwise it's been fun to use. People comment on the rangefinder look of it.
  6. cale33


    I think it looks beautiful. I have a question I can't find answered in any review. Do you have to push the EC button every time you use the exposure compensation? Or can you just turn the front dial as you do now when you set the top dial to C? I know you turn off exp comp when you push in the front dial. Does it still work that way? I hope so! As it is now, I turn that EC button on top every time I pick up my T2. I've been tempted to pour glue under it. I like that they give you a cover for the hot shoe. I had to order them from B&H. Then of course I had to order something else. Those things cost me a lot.
  7. The only thing about all Fujifilm cameras that drives me crazy is that so many of the functions in the menu don't work unless something else is enabled/disabled. A function is grayed out because I have it on ES (museum quiet) or whatever. I wish there was a chart I could stick in my camera bag. My Nikon had an info button that told me what was wrong. I miss that.
  8. Asathor, I LOVE this! Thank you for the photo.
  9. I'm sorry no one has given you an answer. When I was in Africa, I had 2 bags. You can get everything except the tripod and the big 100-400 in a small backpack. I saved the big guy for when I was in a jeep. If I got out, I just used the handheld items and left the 100-400 behind. As for backpacks, I gave up on the ones made for camera equipment. They are too big for mirrorless and I like to travel as light as I can, especially in Africa where we walked for miles. The animals were so close I didn't need a tele. Nylon packs are often padded and have lots of pockets for batteries, etc. I can even stick primes in the pockets. I would take the 10-24 as there were some huge vistas of rock formations that needed a wide lens.
  10. I am looking forward to getting this lens so very much! I hope it has a great bokeh. Please post photos.
  11. I think you're right in getting a top camera from the first. With a point-and-shoot, or a cheap DSLR, you'll outgrow it in a month. You don't have to learn all about a T2 right away. Take photos on auto. Then one day you'll think a picture is too dark. You'll look in the book and find that if you set the dial on the right on C you can turn the wheel in front and lighten the photo while looking through the viewfinder. Learn as you need to know. What is so good about a top camera is that you can make it do what you want it to. Lighten/darken, shoot Japanese gardens in miniature. Pop in and out of black and white. If you can imagine it, you can make the camera do it. And as you get to know the T2, you'll be able to do it all fast with dials and buttons -- all while the camera is at your eye. No digging through pages of menus. With cheap cameras, there's nowhere to go in learning or achievement. I constantly hear, "My camera won't do that." You won't say that with a T2. It'll be, "I need to find out how to make my Fuji do that." That's the real way you learn about your camera.
  12. I like both of them and Dan Bailey's new book.
  13. Me too! The Q button is exactly where I put my thumb. I have everything on the FN buttons so I don't need the Q. I hope someone knows how to disable it. I'm tired of seeing that screen instead of my picture.
  14. Half of my eyecup was pulled out, with one of the holes torn. It was so flappy that it blocked the viewfinder. I had to physically pull the edge down for it to register that an eye was near so the image would appear. As it was, the viewfinder was black. To repair it, I would have had to take out the tiny screws, lift and position the holes and the tabs. I was on a ship in Asia and had no tools with me. I asked the manager of the jewelry boutique if he could fix it and he did. Maybe I wasn't clear that my problem wasn't merely pop and flip. I had a badly damaged eyepiece that was making me crazy.
  15. Wow. I got put down. "Goldsmith," huh? It was something that worked very well and I wanted to share it.
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